For What I’m Thankful This Thanksgiving

It is an American tradition to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day (it has almost become a cliché, hasn’t it?). I’ve got a lot for which to be thankful – as we all do. Here is my list in no particular order. Perhaps some of this will resonate with you.

  • My wife. Holy crap, my life changed for the best when I met her! Can’t imagine life without her. Only woman I know who has step-, natural, and adopted children and has treated them all equally.
  • My kids. All good, despite some rough patches over the years (goes with the parenting territory). And three bilingual grandsons and a granddaughter (so far).
  • My three brothers. One a retired Marine and the other two hopelessly left-wing. Go figure, although they’re a lot more silent about politics these days. I wonder if President Trump has helped remove the scales from their eyes? And their families.
  • My parents (now deceased). I was fortunate to have been steered properly by them during my formative years although – probably like many – I didn’t really begin to appreciate them until I hit about 30 years old or so.
  • My colleagues and friends. While winding down a lengthy civilian career this year, I reflected that I have interacted with and come to know a LOT of quality people. I even still have some great friends from high school days, too.
  • My USNA classmates with many of whom I maintain regular contact. We shared the same experiences and were “baked in the crucible” long ago, but it’s just like yesterday when we get together for monthly luncheons, ballgames, reunions, etc. Love ‘em all, as well as my many other shipmates over the years.
  • My email pals. I’ve built up a large distribution list over the years and have gotten to be great friends with a number of people whom I’ve never even met in person, e.g., a group of Vietnam-era Navy/USMC/USAF pilots who live in states across the US. These people are proof that are a LOT of quality people in the US – and like-minded, too! Always remember that the Left seeks to Balkanize and divide us. There are more who think like we do than you could possibly know. And they give me inspiration for articles and threads – and sometimes content, too!
  • My Twitter pals. I’ve become friends with a number of folks, including groups and individuals with whom I communicate separately. I’ve learned a lot and am still learning while trying to make a difference in our little “Conservative Twittersphere” and for all of my followers.
  • My readership here at Redstate. Although new to the platform (for which opportunity I am also thankful), I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my stuff. As I say on Twitter, my sole purpose in this stage of life is “to educate and to stimulate thought.” I wish to do my part in conveying knowledge and personal experiences to those who need the “school call.” Life is too short to beat around the bush; you’ll always get the straight gouge based on what I believe to be the truth.
  • That the Navy gave me great perspective. I’ve been all over the world and have lost track of the number of countries I have been fortunate enough to visit. I haven’t made it to Antarctica yet, but it’s on my bucket list. There is nothing quite like interacting with locals in other countries; it has given me a GREAT appreciation for the US and much grist for my writing mill.
  • That I was born in the US. The Founders – the greatest collection of political geniuses that the world has ever seen – gifted us the greatest country in the history of the world, despite the continuing actions of the Marxist Left who now infest the Democrat Party and who wish to tear it down. They also gifted us the original lesson of Thanksgiving which, contrary to the story popularized by the leftists in the public education system, was giving thanks for having learned from the failure of collectivism as practiced initially by the Pilgrims.
  • For those protecting our liberties in harm’s way. It’s a particularly tough time of year for those deployed in places like Syria and Afghanistan, and I am sincerely thankful for their sacrifices.
  • For President Trump. I can’t imagine the evil that would have descended on the country had he lost in 2016. I can’t thank him enough for saving us from that near-certainty, as well as opening our eyes to the evil that infests the Deep State, legacy media, and – yes – the Democrat Party (with a few Republicans thrown in for good measure). I pray that we will help him win a second term!
  • That God has watched over me and mine. I’ve been blessed with good health, a great family and friends, and a livelihood and careers of which I am proud, and I give thanks to God for everything.

I’m sure I missed someone/something, but it’s the best I can do in a stream of consciousness. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And be thankful in your own way, too.

The end.


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