Independent Researcher “Harold Finch” Sifts Through the Desperate Legacy Media Spin Campaign

What to make of the first of likely many leaks from the forthcoming DoJ OIG report on FISA abuse that will reported be released on 9 December? You know that leak – the one the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others shouted out concerning anti-Trump former FBI lawer Kevin Clinesmith who illegally modified SF-302 interview reports? Here’s how CNN spun it:


Yet the situation did not sway an independent Justice Department watchdog from finding the surveillance was valid, sources said.

Read the rest here (if you must). Yeah, right; “the surveillance was valid.” Commit a crime, present false evidence to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain a FISA to CONDUCT that very surveillance, and claim in a carefully leaked and spun article that “the surveillance was valid.”

And oh, by the way, in the NY Time report, it was stated that those who compiled the story didn’t see the entire report, which makes it likely that there is waaaay more in there that will shock Americans. Thus, it is even clearer that this leak was the first of many that the FISA abuse perpetrators are attempting to use their carefully placed media allies to falsely spin the truth.

We can expect more leaking and spinning along these lines in the run-up to the release of the report and the testimony of DoJ Inspector General Horowitz on or about 11 December before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here is what independent researcher “Harold Finch” speculates about the spinning to come, as well as the reasons behind it:

Beware the Left-Wing propaganda outlets pushing spin. The leaks about the Justice Department OIG’s FISA abuse report are coming from targets of criminal investigations (plural) that the report generated. The spin being made is to buy time. The indictments haven’t dropped yet. The illegitimate impeachment putsch is *technically* not dead in the US House of Representatives [although after last week’s debacle for the Democrats, it is on life support in terms of support by a decreasing number of Americans].


You need to understand WHY the legacy media are continuing to work with the corrupt FBI, CIA, DoJ, and White House insiders who staged an attempted illegal overthrow of the President. They are keeping the Left-wing voting base loyal and on board with thinking that impeachment can still succeed. This is crucial to keep pressure on Pelosi and Schiff, who have their OWN connections to Ukraine of which to fear exposure.

Impeachment is the US Senate is Dead On Arrival, but the legacy media are spinning to push the false narrative that Republicans will jump ship and vote with the Democrats to sustain the impeachment of the Presidents. There are some fake people who advertise themselves at “MAGA types” who are pushing this lie, too. The goal is to keep the hard-left extremists from rebelling and from finding out that the Democrats and legacy media have been lying to them.

Look who the media have hired over the past many months: MSNBC hired Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller’s top deputy and the guy who really ran the special counsel, and John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA director whose antics as a big player in Spygate continue to be exposed. CNN hired James Clapper, Obama’s former director of national intelligence and coup participant; Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director who was fired for “lack of candor” (lying); Josh Campbell, fired FBI Director James Comey’s former protégé at the FBI; and Asha Rangappa, Mueller’s former protégé at the FBI. This gives the coup participants unfettered access to leak and spin from within the still-compromised parts of the FBI and DoJ. The coup participants are trying to preserve their influence over the people they’ve brainwashed.


But there’s more than that: the legacy media were WILLING PARTICIPANTS in spying and the Mueller witch hunt – and now in the Ukraine hoax and the associated impeachment farce. It’ss about avoiding accountability, especially of the legal variety. They – the conspirators AND the media – are guilty of actual crimes. It’s not just about preserving their sway over gullible people; it’s about staying out of prison.

They KNOW they have two weeks before the lie comes crashing down for good like a glass house smashed by a thrown brick. And when that brick is thrown, there’s no going back, and no stopping it. The truth will be out for everyone to see, the lies will be fatally exposed, and the indictments will be unsealed. That will make it impossible to move ahead with impeachment, and any Democrat-provoked street violence to stop justice from being harshly dispensed will be stopped cold.

The stakes are high. They have a two-week window to accomplish TWO THINGS:

1) Prove somehow and some way that President Trump is breaking the law from his office, and that his administration is illegitimate and thus so are all of its actions like those of AG Barr, US Attorney Durham, and DoJ IG Horowitz. Remember Brennan, Comey, and Clapper have already claimed that the investigation into Spygate was political vengeance by President Trump. (This of course is a lie but is a clever strategy by the bad guys.)


2) Remove him from office ASAP so that investigations and indictments can be halted. Protect the Swamp. Protect the people who tried and are still trying to succeed in their sedition and actions to overthrow the President.


Now, you can watch and smile knowing what their strategy is. Watch, and just smile knowing that this is a Hail Mary on their parts – possibly a final act of desperation after all of the other attempts to take him out since Inauguration Day in January 2017.

A good friend of mine, Tracy Beanz at, pointed something out the other day that bears repeating here: if Horowitz’s investigation and report only uncovered minor wrong doing, and it didn’t affect the VALIDITY of the investigation into Donald Trump the candidate and later President Trump, it wouldn’t have taken 2.5 years to complete, it wouldn’t have turned into a criminal investigation spanning all FVEY countries, it wouldn’t have forced John Brennan and James Clapper to admit they’re targets of US Attorney Durham live on cable TV, and the media wouldn’t be working at flank speed with maximum effort to convince the brainwashed leftists that the report contains nothing. Occam’s razor and logic prevail, folks!

Their goal is to try to win a PR war to make the masses think Spygate was a legitimate investigation just like they lied to you to convince you that the FBI’s “Mid-Year Exam” investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was legit. We all know it wasn’t.

But what did they use to try to carry out this coup? FISA – illegal surveillance of American citizens. FISA – which RIGHT NOW is in the *renewal* process in Congress. The coup perpetrators and the Deep State CANNOT AFFORD for the brainwashed among us to wake up to Spygate at this moment, or they lose FISA forever, and they all desperately want that tool to continue in order to continue the abuse.


There are many things at play here, all at once. Smile, and quietly recognize that the OIG report release brings it crashing down.

<end of Finch’s commentary>

Some really high-stakes “political poker” will be played over the next few weeks. Watch for fake MAGA people gaslighting that “nothing will happen,” too, and don’t fall for it. Because it’s not just the FISA abuse report that’s in the queue – Durham’s report on his criminal investigation into the origins of the FBI’s counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016 is the real sword of Damocles hanging over the Democrats’ heads. And then there’s the continued unraveling of the Ukraine hoax and the MASSIVE Democrat corruption…. We’ll save all of that for another article!

The end.


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