Rep. Nunes Closes the Star Chamber with a Bang!

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Uhhhh, what on Earth did the Democrats think they were going to accomplish by staging the tightly-controlled impeachment hearings this week? Did they really think that the witnesses they carefully screened before the public hearings were going to move the impeachment needle in their direction?  Did they seriously believe that opinion, hearsay, conjecture, and third-hand “evidence” from these witnesses would lay the groundwork for real articles of impeachment?


Apparently, Trump Derangement Syndrome blinded them all into drinking their own bathwater. And nonsense it surely was after watching the farce this week, as any objective person could see. Thursday’s offering included the marvels of Fiona Hill telling us about reading body language and also about the conspiracy theory of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Sheer lunacy from someone miffed that President Trump went around her National Security Council, State Department, and foreign service officer colleagues to conduct foreign policy with Ukraine!

Fiona Hill actually expressed an opinion that US foreign policy was “subverted” by Gordon Sondland, Rudy Giuliani and others in order to push their “personal interests.” Says the globalist who worked for Soros’s Open Society Institute against the interests of her adopted country! But I digress.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) once again was masterful, this time in his closing statement on Thursday. He really has a knack to cut through the fog and lies spread by the Democrats and get to what really transpired – and what is at stake! Here are some excerpts of his closing comments: (paraphrased)

I have stressed in these hearings that the whistleblower complaint was merely a pretext for Donald Trump’s political opponents to do what they’ve been trying to do since he was elected – oust the President from office. A brief timeline will illustrate the wide range of extraordinary attacks his administration has faced.

I’m going to start in June of 2016 when Donald Trump was just a candidate. On behalf of the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele to write the “Steele Dossier,” a collection of false allegations attributed to Russian sources claiming the Donald Trump is a Russian agent.


Fast forward to January 6, 2017. FBI Director James Comey briefs President-elect Trump on the Steele dossier. The briefing is leaked to CNN, and soon afterwards Buzzfeed publishes the dossier.

January 20, 2017. On President Trump’s inauguration day, the Washington Post runs a story headlined, “The campaign to impeach Donald Trump has begun.”

January 30, 2017. Ten days later, the whistleblower’s current lawyer tweets, “#coup has started. First of many steps #rebellion #impeachment will follow immediately.”

March 22, 2017. Democrats on this committee falsely declare on national TV that they have more than circumstantial evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

July 12, 2017. An article of impeachment is filed against President Trump in the House of Representatives.

November 15, 2017. Democrats file additional articles of impeachment against President Trump.

As you see, this was just in President Trump’s first year in office. He was subjected to a coordinated smear operation designed to falsely portray him as a Russian agent, as well as attempts to impeach him. This all occurred before his now infamous call with President Zelensky.

In 2018, the attacks continued, often from Executive Branch officials charged with implementing his policies. On February 2, 2018, Intelligence Committee Republicans released a memo revealing that the FBI use fabrications of the Steele dossier to get a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign associate.

September 5, 2018. The NY Times prints a column by an anonymous Trump Administration official who explains that he and other senior officials are “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of Trump’s agenda.”


December 7, 2018. James Comey admits to Congress that the Steele Dossier was unverified before and after the FBI used it to spy on the Trump campaign associate.

The Russia hoax continued to be the main focus of attacks going into 2019, but when that entire operation collapsed, a new impeachment pretext had to be found.

May 4, 2019. On national television, a Democrat congressman proclaims, “I am concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.”

July 24, 2019. Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies to Congress about his report, which debunked the conspiracy theory that Trump campaign associates conspired with Russia to hack the 2016 elections.

July 25, 2019. Just the very next day, a new anti-Trump begins as someone listens to the President’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky and leaks the contents to the so-called whistleblower.

September 13, 2019. Democrats on this committee take the extraordinary step of issuing a press release related to the whistleblower’s complaint.

October 2, 2019. It’s revealed that Democrat staff on this committee had contact with the whistleblower BEFORE he submitted his complaint to the Inspector General, contradicting Democrat denials that such contact had occurred.

October 31, 2019. Probably the most appropriate day. Democrats in the House of Representatives vote to open an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

What you’ve seen in this room over the past two weeks is a show trial upon the result of three years of political operations and dirty tricks. Campaigns waged against this president. And like any good show trial, the verdict was decided before the trial ever began. After all and denouncing the President for years as a Russian agent and a threat to democracy, how could the Democrats not impeach him? If they don’t move to overthrow him, it would indicate they don’t really believe their own dire warnings about the threat he poses.


The Democrats only needed a pretext. When their Russian dossiers and investigations failed to do the job, they moved to Plan B: the Ukraine hoax.

This spectacle with its secret depositions and its mid-hearing press conferences is not meant to discover the facts; it was designed to produce a specific story-line to be pushed forward by the Democrats and their supporters in the media.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we approach Thanksgiving, Speaker Pelosi has just made clear – just today – that USMCA, the free trade deal with Mexico and Canada which will boost our economy, won’t be signed this year.

So, I hope Mr. Schiff will clarify how much longer we will waste on this effort, and what other vital legislation he’s willing to sacrifice for this impeachment crusade. Will there be even more secret depositions accompanied by the usual flood of Democrat leaks? Will we have more public hearings with Democrat witnesses but not ours? Minority are in the dark about what this committee will be doing when we return – and so is America.

James Madison warned us the danger posed by the tyranny of the majority. To avoid that threat, our Founders created a constitutional Republic. But is there a better example of the tyranny of the majority than the way this impeachment process has been run in the House of Representatives? A process that is grossly unfair can only stem from a cynical majority that is willing to break long-established precedents, trample on legitimate minority concerns, and impose their absolute will on this body through sheer force of numbers.

Exploiting the Intelligence Committee as the venue for impeachment has been one of the grossest abuses in the process filled with cynical manipulations, large and small. But this farce will soon move to the Judiciary Committee where impeachment rightfully belongs. I wish my Republican colleagues well in fighting this travesty and defending the idea, which at one time received bipartisan support not long ago. The American people’s vote actually means something.


<end of closing statement>

A tour de force from Rep. Nunes! Isn’t it amazing that the transition from Russia hoax to Ukraine hoax was seamless? I mean, the Ukraine hoax started literally the day after Robert Mueller testified that the Russian hoax was deader than a door-nail.

I believe that the Democrats were too clever by half in holding closed-door meetings to screen who they believed to be the most damaging candidates for their public star chamber hearings. Why? Because it gave the Republicans ample opportunity to prepare devastating questions for their cross-examination of the witnesses. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen: the Republicans destroyed the testimony of every single witness, and even outed several as having been obvious coached by the Democrats both in their opening statements and in their answers to questions asked. And not a few of them displayed hubris and high opinions of themselves while at the same time pleading ignorance about Ukraine-specific activities about which they should have surely known.

Here are a few of my observations from Thursday’s farce:

  • Fiona Hill remarked about the vaunted “inter-agency policy process” for managing US foreign policy, as well as her disdain for the President going outside channels in dealing with Ukraine. Why should the President trust the likes of the bureaucracy who have been trying to get him removed from office from Day One, and who have fought his America First foreign policy tooth and nail, too?
  • Just a reminder that Fiona Hill previously worked for or was/is a member of:
    • The Open Society Institute (George Soros)
    • The Brookings Institute (funded by terrorist-supporting Qatar)
    • Council on Foreign Relations (globalists)
    • Eurasia Foundation (more globalists)

… making her policy views entirely antithetical to President Trump’s America First foreign policy.

  • Isn’t it “odd” how Fiona Hill was all against sending lethal military aid to Ukraine, as she detailed in a lengthy 2015 Washington Post editorial when she was at the Brookings Institute (which was consistent with Obama’s weak-ass policy), and then suddenly became an advocate for that same aid during the Trump administration? In short, her only interests are those of Soros and globalists and in maintaining her access to senior decision-makers to influence policy accordingly.
  • It’s very strange how the supposed “country experts” Fiona Hill and David Holmes feigned ignorance about well-known Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 elections and about details of Burisma-Biden corruption. Wouldn’t country experts know more than the average American reading independent media?
  • After watching this whole charade, it is clear that all these so-called “country experts” in the US foreign service suffer from the equivalent of Stockholm syndrome, as they appear to become advocates for those countries – especially when they deployed to embassies overseas – at the expense of the US foreign policy.

How will this farce end? Who knows? But it is interesting that President Trump wants it to go to trial in the Senate where he can call his own witnesses. I think that is smart politics: force the Democrats to vote for impeachment just like they’ve been talking about for months. Don’t let them off that hook because the Democrats won’t be able to repeat their star chamber tactics in the Senate.


Finally, thank you, Rep. Nunes – and your colleagues on the committee. You did your duty and made us proud!

The end.


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