CBS News Fails to Ambush Rep. Jim Jordan With Closed-Door Impeachment Hearing Testimony Received From Democrats

House Democrats are running a classic impeachment star chamber that mirrors the Soviet-era farcical trials in the 1930s. They control the witness lists, the sequencing of witnesses, the scope of questions that can be asked, the suppression of closed-door testimony that is exculpatory to the President, and other aspects of the hearings. The Republicans have not been afforded any witnesses, especially including perhaps the two or three most important: the “whistleblower,” Hunter Biden, and Adam Schiff himself – who is a fact witness because of his and his staff’s coordination with the “whistleblower” before his complaint was submitted!


The Democrats have also been convening closed-door hearings to screen the witnesses who, in their minds, are the most detrimental to the President (even if the witnesses’ testimony is hearsay or opinion-based). And the rules of those closed hearings are such that the transcripts cannot be released without Adam Schiff’s permission. Yet, it is apparent that Democrats have been selectively leaking that closed-door testimony to the media in violation of their own rules.

The latest instance of that became clear when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was ambushed with closed-door testimony from Friday (!) from diplomat/witness David Holmes. Here is some of the dialog between Rep. Jordan and CBS Face the Nation interviewer Margaret Brennan (paraphrased):

Brennan: I want to get to some new testimony from diplomat David Holmes who testified before closed doors on Friday (!). And I want to know do you think because he has first-hand knowledge in which he explains that he overheard a conversation between the president of the United States and Gordon Sondland, isn’t he credible because this is “first-hand”?

Jordan: Well, I mean look, he overheard a conversation (interrupted by Brennan) … we don’t know if anyone is going to vouch for his story. We’ll see because there were four people at the table.

Brennan (interrupting): Are they coming to testify?


Jordan: We’ll see. Adam Schiff controls the witness list. He doesn’t give us the witnesses we want, but he can call witnesses any time he wants. …. This is just one of many aspects of the unfairness of this process. So I’m sure Mr. Holmes will be called in by the Democrats, and we’ll have him under oath … and we’ll see how his story holds up.


Brennan (after some inconsequential dialog): But in this conversation that David Holmes testified about, he said (Brennan reading from notes) he heard the President asking, “So he said he’s going to do the investigation,” and Sondland replied, “He’s going to do it.” (Continuing to read) Holmes said he spoke to Sondland who told him Trump was interested in the Biden investigation that Mr. Giuliani was ….

Jordan (interrupting): You’re talking about all these DETAILS FROM A DEPOSITION THAT HASN’T BEEN RELEASED YET… that happened Friday night THAT WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO EVEN BE TALKING ABOUT. This is an example of the unfair process ….

A – frickin’ – men, Congressman! How is it that CBS News has access and can talk about a closed-door deposition that Democrat Committee rules preclude a Republican congressman from even seeing, let alone discussing the details!

This is EXACTLY what has been happening since President Trump was inaugurated – selective leaking by Democrats and their Deep State allies – almost certainly like the Ukraine “whistleblower” himself – on the Russia hoax, phone calls between POTUS and foreign leaders, and other national security matters. It is no coincidence that the National Security Council is the source of many of the leakers and the hearsay witnesses in this farce. The NSC needs to be cleaned out of Obama holdovers from top to bottom as soon as humanly possible.


The end.


Note: The specific dialog quoted above appears starting at about the 1:55 minute mark in the video retweeted by President Trump here:


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