Democrat Liars, Knaves and Thieves

I’m sick and tired of the endless lies being spewed by Democrats and sycophants in various public statements and during interviews on cable news programs without ever being challenged. Occasionally, a Fox News Channel host will make a feeble attempt to challenge the likes of Donna Brazille, Richard Goldstein, Jessica Tarlov, Austin Goolsby, and other Democrat hacks, but only very delicately no matter how egregious and, indeed, ridiculous the given lie. Why Fox gives a platform to proven liars is beyond my comprehension. Why should ANYBODY listen to what these people have to say? And what aren’t they called out for what they really are – liars?


Before proceeding further, a simple definition is in order:

liar   /ˈlī(ə)r/


a person who knowingly conveys a false statement an intentional untruth, or a falsehood with deliberate intent to deceive

I am done with the deference that continues to be shown to proven liars, especially elected Democrats and former members of the Obama Administration. The notion that these people can’t be overtly branded as liars due to decorum considerations is baloney. Republicans – especially POTUS – have been called every vile name in the book: racists, white supremacists, bigots, homophobes (sic), traitors, etc. How about just the tiniest bit of pushback by using plain language to label the mud-slingers what they really are – liars! Let’s “pin the liar tail” on a few randomly-selected donkeys:

1. Nancy Pelosi. Lately, Pelosi has been making the rounds bleating about her “regret” that Democrats are “forced” to go down the impeachment path, and that “it’s not about partisanship; it’s about patriotism.” Are you kidding me? How can anyone take this at face value after listening to her castigate and make false accusations against POTUS from his inauguration to the present day? She has been one of the most partisan House Speakers EVER! Any objective person with even a modicum of analytical ability can see that the words “patriotism” and “not partisanship” are extremely difficult for Pelosi to say; her body language when she blatantly lies is quite obvious to discern. Watching her attempt to wrap the Constitution around herself while she sheds crocodile tears in her suppressed glee before and after that faux impeachment inquiry rules vote was infuriating! And she swats away any dissent about her accruing all decision-making regarding initiating impeachment unto herself despite the fact that the Constitution refers to the “House” – not the Speaker – as the sole authority for initiating the impeachment process. She is a surrogate, not the deciding authority! She lies like a rug.


2. Adam Schiff. Schiff told us for two years that he had the goods on POTUS that would lead straight to impeachment. Yet, after Mueller’s nothing-burger, he has failed to produce ANYTHING to that end. Big lie! Then there was Schiff’s “parody” in which he completely fabricated gist of the phone call between POTUS and Ukrainian President Zelenskiy. This statement accusing the President of demanding a quid pro quo “seven times” was a bald-faced lie. When will an elected Republican confront Schiff on the report that a Ukrainian-American arms trader and Schiff donor was under investigation by the Ukrainians in July 2019? Just a “coincidence”? And then there was the bombshell announcement during POTUS’s joint news conference with the Finnish president that Schiff had met with the Ukraine leaker/complainant before the complaint was formally submitted! And later, POTUS even stated that he suspected the Ukraine phone call complaint was actually coordinated with Schiff! He lied about meeting with Ukraine leaker and Democrat hack Eric Ciaramella. Yes, yes, Shifty and San Fran Nan, there’s not one iota in “partisanship” in your headlong question to impeach the President! Liars all!

3. Eric Holder. A blast from that past, but he keeps popping up to attack President Trump and other Republicans. Obama’s former “wingman” recently claimed that AG Barr has “sacrificed his credibility” by pursuing this investigation into the predicate for the 2016 counter-intel investigation and the subsequent Mueller special counsel. Lest we forget, Holder was the first US AG ever to have been held in contempt of Congress, in this instance for withholding documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. We’re apparently supposed to defer to a guy who was held in contempt and was a self-declared Obama wingman in his statement that AG Barr is going to “sacrifice his credibility” by doing his job? Holder is a demonstrated liar and prevaricator.


4. Donna Brazille. My toes curl every time I see Donna Brazille on a Fox News Channel segment spewing her pro-Democrat lies (same with other Democrat hacks, too). This is the woman who provided debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. Why on Earth did FNC give her a job? Why should ANYONE ever believe anything out of her mouth given she was willing to subvert a national election by giving a Democrat candidate the questions beforehand? She’s a liar, prevaricator and purveyor of Democrat agit-prop.

5. Robert Torricelli. I almost choked when I saw him on FNC as a presumed “expert.” Yeah, right. He’s an expert all right – an expert in Dem corruption and campaign violations. You may recall that he dropped his reelection bid in 2002 in disgrace. You just know that he was caught cold given his withdrawal, as over 90% of all Senate incumbents are reelected with relative ease. Why did FNC bring him on? Why should we believe anything he says? And did no one confront him on anything he said?

6. Ben Rhodes. He is a former top deputy to Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice. A failed fiction author, that guy is a walking lie machine! That was his job – to lie and prevaricate in service of Obama’s political agenda. Think that statement is too strong? Then re-read this article in which he admitted duping journalists and creating an “echo chamber” in the media in order to help get Obama’s Iran agreement implemented. He also lied about the Benghazi debacle in furthering the concocted narrative that an obscure video sparked the attack. And now he’s out badmouthing the Trump Administration at every turn. In this fairly recent tweet, he has joined the carefully orchestrated Democrats’ “Ukraine campaign”:


Nothing but a liar doing what he does best: lying like a rug (conveying a falsehood with deliberate intent to deceive).

7. Susan Rice. How about former Obama national security adviser herself? She was a serial liar for Obama, as detailed in this excellent article. Yet, Obama continued to promote her to other positions in his administration despite her “lack of candor” (as the DoJ/FBI crew might say these days). That woman was and is an unrepentant liar, and no one has ever confronted her directly about those lies in public. And now she’s out promoting her book? Give me a break!

8. Barack Hussein Obama. Rather than citing examples of his lies, it might be easier to ask a simple question: when WASN’T he lying? Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, of course, so here is just one example among dozens. When the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s compromising of classified emails on her unauthorized email server broke, Obama claimed he didn’t know about that server until he “read it in the newspapers.” This, of course, was a bald-faced lie, as we have subsequently learned that the White House (and Obama, specifically) knew about that all along. Then there was “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” There are a bunch of other Obama lies detailed here in the event the aforementioned aren’t sufficient examples that Obama is a consummate liar. I stopped believing anything he said back in 2009 and have slept somewhat more peacefully with that knowledge since then. But when I read headlines that Obama is still acting like he’s president, my blood pressure goes up.


9. Hillary Clinton. Finally, there is perhaps the most egregious – but also the worst – liar on the political scene these days. And by “worst,” I mean someone whose lies are transparent because they are simple transference or astoundingly hypocritical. The list of her lies is as long as your arm; I will only cite a couple of recent ones. In a sheer act of transference, she accused POTUS of being an illegitimate president and a corrupt human tornado. This is from woman who has spent a lifetime of grifting and pay-for-play schemes. And then there are the two-years of her ravings about how the election was “stolen” from her, as well as the complete reversal of her accusation in October 2016 that Trump’s unwillingness to accept the election results would “destroy our democracy.”

Are you getting the picture yet? None of these people are ever directly confronted when the make these lies in cable news interviews, press conferences, or other public settings. And Republicans never call these people liars; rather, we hear tortured euphemisms like, “those are untruths,” “that’s not so,” “that’s incorrect,” etc. It’s like the Republicans have an aversion for plain-speaking!

The Republicans’ political opponents are liars, knaves, and thieves and have lost any respect they may have once had for truth, decorum and civil speech, and yet Republicans are afraid to state the obvious in response: you lie! It is infuriating to watch! One would think that some of them would have learned how to do effective pushback from President Trump by now. We need to elect constitutional conservatives who are willing to take the battle directly to the Democrats and actually FIGHT BACK and call the liars what they really are, rather than ceding all political speech and characterizations thereof to the Left.


The end.


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