Harold Finch Reads James Clapper’s Body Language (and It’s Glorious!)

Intrepid independent researcher on Twitter @NameRedacted was suspended multiple times for what amounts to hurting the feelings of leftists and challenging their blatant lies. In his last resurrection as “Harold Finch,” he was subsequently suspended and has since moved to Telegram where he runs a repository consisting of important factoids, links, and personal commentary. He can be found here.  In that capacity, he posts important threads from time to time that deserve a wider audience.


In this particular instance, he dissected a recent appearance by James Clapper (Obama’s Director of National Intelligence) on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN. Finch gets kudos simply for working his way through the whole interview, but the real gold is his commentary on Clapper’s body language and what it really means. Here are his comments:

Let’s talk about James Clapper’s interview on Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday Oct 24, 2019. But first, some background. Remember how Comey in his memos memorialized the ‘briefing’ he gave President-Elect Trump on the ‘salacious allegations’ in the Steele Dossier? Remember, that was “setting the hook” for Clapper to leak those allegations to CNN. It was all preplanned.

Since the Steele dossier was under investigation at the time, Clapper was knowingly leaking classified information and conspiring with Comey and others to attack the president-elect; this constitutes sedition and a seditious conspiracy. These acts are documented here. And further documented by Undercover Huber and mentioned here. And it was also well documented by Mollie Hemingway here.

On the evening of Thursday, October 24, 2019, it was officially announced that the Attorney General Barr and US Attorney Durham investigation into Spygate had shifted from a fact-finding investigation into a full-blown criminal investigation. Catherine Herridge reported this live from the Capital building. This news broke just before Clapper went on air with Anderson Cooper on his show. This announcement that the investigation was now CRIMINAL in nature directly followed the announcement by Italy’s Prime Minister that he and Italian intelligence were directly assisting Barr and Durham, and that evidence of crimes had been obtained, including cell phones from Josef Mifsud. Watch that here.

With that background fresh in your mind, let’s now move on to take a look at James Clapper’s reaction to the news that AG Barr and US Atty Durham had opened a criminal case into Spygate. I checked Youtube and a couple other places but was unable to find a raw clip, but some great accounts on Twitter have the video shared. This tweet was the source of my analysis of Clapper’s reaction.



Let’s take a more granular look at this. I like this clip because I am able to view it nearly frame by frame, in 720P resolution. I want to discuss his mannerisms, his tells, his overall body language, and the words he chooses. Anderson Cooper looking genuinely dismayed, asks him: “You oversaw the investigation into Russian interference; what do you make of this?” And it begins. Clapper immediately reacts and forgets to cover/mask his body language.

His eyebrows go up, and the stress lines in his forehead peak above his eyes too. Notice where Clapper’s eyes focus: DOWN AND AWAY. This is stress. He’s caught off guard even though he knew that question was coming. He hasn’t collected himself after finding out. His head is looking down and to the left, but shoulder and body are pushing back and away. He is literally recoiling away from this question as if from a physical blow.

This is 4 seconds into his spot on AC360, and we have a big, uncontrolled reaction. That’s FEAR. He is very, very defensive about this. Cooper says “You oversaw the investigation,” and Clapper’s reaction was to recoil in shock and fear.

At 7 seconds in, he shifts uncomfortably and says, “Presumably uh uh I uh guess I’m one of those under investigation.” So he IMMEDIATELY assumed he is the target of a criminal probe. The LEGAL term for that is CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. At 12 seconds in, Cooper says, “And you just heard about this?” and Clapper immediately responds with a subconscious head bobble and says, “Yes, I just heard about this…” and shifts in his chair uncontrollably. He is extremely uncomfortable and can’t seem to calm himself. Look at his posture and his gaze here: shoulders slouched, looking down and away, eyes wide, the head shake/bobble, the lack of eye contact, shifting gaze. He is extremely fearful, and you can literally SEE his mind racing. Clapper continues: “Uh, uh you know, I read the clip about 20 minutes ago…” As he says that, he shifts back and forth in his chair, rocking back then forward. This is one of his “tells” that he does subconsciously that tips off when he’s extremely uncomfortable. He also darts his head back and forth as he says that. He’s reeling. There’s a LOT here to unpack!


Some of us Spygate researchers have known Barr and Durham have been in a criminal investigation for some time. It’s not normal for a US attorney to work a case jointly with the Attorney General personally.  It’s also out of the ordinary for both to interview witnesses and suspects together. This has been a criminal probe for several weeks. But Clapper is telling us the truth by his reaction that he did not know it was such until minutes before going on air Thursday night, following the official announcement.

I took some screenshots from 18-20 seconds in to show you something: at the moment he says “…about 20 minutes ago…,” his body language gets REALLY INTERESTING.

He tries to calm and collect himself on camera: he takes a BIG DEEP BREATH, closes and purses his mouth tightly and exhales. He is trying to get control of his emotions. He’s mentally slamming his hand on the reset button. He follows that up by saying, “Um uh, I found the ti- timing interesting…,” and he nearly falls out of his chair moving around saying that, and his eyes finally engage. He continues: “…given the HEAT around the Impeachment inquiry…” He stresses the word *heat* bigly and gives a brief pause before *impeachment* and does it again before *inquiry*. He’s emphasizing that! He’s trying to on the fly link this announcement to what’s going on up on Capitol Hill.

What he’s NOT telling you is WHY it’s linked: this criminal case was ALWAYS going to happen, and Clapper knew that. What is VERY, VERY interesting is that he CLEARLY did not expect this criminal case this quickly! That means that Clapper expected to have enough time to coordinate with what Pelosi and Schiff are doing. This announcement is EXTREMELY bad news for them all. They need more time to collaborate and spin their reactions, but they are out of time.

From 25 – 34 seconds, he continues along the “interesting timing” line, spending a lot of time and effort on that. He finishes that thought with, “I’ll just let it go at that.” He again moves around in his seat and moves in, in a more aggressive manner. His facial movements show he is on the attack when saying that. It *strongly* suggests to me he is involved with what Schiff is doing. Given that the Ukraine call liar and leaker was a Brennan inner circle CIA Officer, he is therefore also a Clapper connection. More: we know that Bill Taylor is connected to Clapper via his NGO work. They are linked and coordinating their actions.


At 00:36, he begins thinking out loud about if this involves “the overall investigation of the Russian and reporting on the Russian interference … or are we talking about the counter intelligence investigation that was launched in July by the FBI about potential engagement in collusion whatever you want to call it, between the Russians and Trump campaign, so I’m very curious about what… what is the alleged criminal activities (sic) that prompted this.” He is extremely aggressive when he says this – much less stuttering and much angrier. He has this way of lecturing people: an arrogant abrasiveness that comes from his tone; his posture which leans in and is highly animated. He is on the attack here.

Notice the CHOICE OF WORDS. He says “*potential engagement in collusion* or whatever you want to call it…” Note that he DOES NOT say alleged. He is making an accusation and choosing words he KNOWS the viewers will interpret that way. He knows CNN viewers consider his former title and assume his words are backed with facts. We know his words are based on the Steele dossier and fabricated evidence passed on by John Brennan with whom Clapper coordinated in all matters related to Spygate.

One more thought on this: when he says “potential collusion or whatever you want to call it…,” he’s making a very obvious allusion to John Brennan calling it “treason.” Clapper said: “So I’m very curious about what …(pauses)… what is the *alleged* criminal activities that prompted this…” So we just discussed how Clapper INTENTIONALLY OMITTED the word *alleged* from describing Trump.

But this last bit is EXTREMELY INTERESTING: Clapper says two things that raise big red flags.
First, he says he doesn’t know what criminal actions would prompt this. He’s pushing away and looking down and off camera while saying that. He’s being deceptive.

Remember earlier when I discussed “consciousness of guilt”? He knows EXACTLY what they are going to find and is deeply afraid about his own personal culpability. Now grand juries and subpoenas are coming, and the interview that Brennan said was coming isn’t informal. Second, he used the word “alleged.” He wants due process for himself, yet he continues to deny it to the President. He’s still fully engaged behind the scenes in the coup and committing sedition and conspiring with others to commit sedition: a seditious conspiracy.


But there’s a reason he used the word “alleged” at that specific point in an interview on Anderson Cooper’s show: this is the beginning of attempting to paint the investigation as a witch hunt based on a conspiracy theory. The problem with that is two-fold: no one believes the legacy media any more, least of all fake news CNN. Second and most important are the amount of documents and electronic evidence and communications among the conspirators that DOJ has collected that will totally destroy their hasty PR effort as that evidence becomes public. And that’s exactly why John Brennan hired a crisis management firm on Wednesday (the same firm Hillary used to deal with the aftermath of Benghazi!).

Back to the interview: at 1:05, Cooper asks him, “Do you have any idea even what they might think even rises to the level of criminal activity?” At 1:10, Clapper begins answering. He slightly pushes back in his chair, and his shoulders lift up. He raises his voice, and his face shows a lot less tells, but you can see him recoil from this. It’s more subtle because he’s better controlling himself, but you can see it. He says, “NO, I DON’T!” Remember his first reaction at the beginning and his overt consciousness of guilt. He begins immediately stuttering uncontrollably, and he loses control of his body language again. He says knowing what prompted this “… is of great interest to me!” Yes, I’ll bet it is!

For the same reason, Strzok and McCabe both filed wrongful termination lawsuits against DOJ: because they need that information to begin preparing their criminal defenses and to begin using the legacy media to spin their lies in a PR war trying to make prosecutions harder.

Clapper then leans back and shrugs his shoulders and closes his eyes and says, “What is it that ANY of us did that rises to the level of a criminal infraction…?” There’s a lot here too: he’s trying to play victim, but he comes across as disingenuous. This is the same guy caught lying to Congress publicly under oath about mass spying on Americans, as well as the guy who TWICE now said Obama ordered the spying on the Trump campaign. He knows it was a coup. That’s at the front of his mind, and he knows that Durham knows, too. He said, “What is it that ANY OF US did…” He let the cat out of the bag, as that’s an admission this was a conspiracy. Lawyers always tell their clients to shut their mouths, especially publicly. Clapper made a huge slip there. He admitted to being part of a criminal conspiracy.


He ends the segment with, “I just don’t know.” He shrugs and tries to look humble, but he comes across as angry. The posture and tone both telegraph aggressive.

Clapper is caught flat-footed by the revelation that Durham’s inquiry is now a criminal investigation. Finch nailed his body language to a “tee.” And then we also hear that James Comey announced during an interview that he’s “moving to New Zealand if President Trump wins a second term.” https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bronsonstocking/2019/10/26/james-comey-will-move-to-new-zealand-if-trump-wins-reelection-n2555401

Clapper knows he’s culpable and can’t hide it, and Comey just gave us a big tell that he’s a flight risk. I really hope that their passports have already been collected, don’t you? Many of us have been waiting for harsh justice for these two (plus Brennan) for over two years now. It’s a clear sign of the shared narcissism that all these people have that they run around in public thinking that they’re immune to the long-term punishment that they deserve. And not just those three: the rest of the smaller fry and larger fish, too! They are starting to figure out that all the momentum is in the direction of the likelihood that they’re facing some serious legal jeopardy despite the furious spinning by them and their disgraceful legacy media allies.

The end.


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