Down Memory Lane - Exposing Li'l Ben Rhodes and Others in the Obama Regime

Democrats and their lick-spittle media allies are madly flailing about now that it is confirmed that DoJ really is looking into potential intelligence community irregularities associated with the origins of the 2016 counter-intel investigation on candidate Trump. And that includes those who have a lot to lose, such as failed fiction writer Ben Rhodes. They all are tweeting on Twitter a lot lately and making public statements that smell of fear now that the Ukrainians, Italians, and Australians are cooperating in the DoJ investigation.


Intrepid independent researcher “NameRedacted” (a/k/a “Harold Finch”) was suspended multiple times on Twitter for exposing much about Rhodes and his associates in the Obama Administration, as well as about key members of the seditious cabal. In a previous incarnation, he posted well-sourced information exposing criminality by Obama regime operatives that was web-archived before being deleted by Twitter. As an historical summary, it is particularly relevant now in order to put the Russian hoax (#Spygate) and also the Democrats’ Ukraine political hit-job in proper context. I have compiled, edited and added to his information from my own perspective along the way. He – like I – are real patriots and are more interested in “getting the word out” than in credit for conveying the truth, and thus he fully supports presenting this here for additional Americans to digest.

Let’s take a moment to discuss Ben Rhodes. Ben Rhodes’ official White House title was Deputy National Security Adviser to the President. As Dep NSA, Ben Rhodes had a very famous boss. Ben’s immediate supervisor was Obama’s Natl Security Adviser Susan Rice. Susan Rice is famous for all the wrong reasons, starting with pushing a known lie to cover up the terror attack on Americans in Benghazi left to die who were memorialized in the movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” Rice then blamed a Youtube video as internal State Dept emails prove they knew it was Al Qaeda all along. This report from former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson lays that all out beautifully. It also resulted in the Obama FBI hacking her computers and illegally spying on her. Attkisson has forensic proof that is backed up by independent findings that she was hacked and spied on at home and at work at CBS, on multiple devices, at the time Ben Rhodes’ brother headed CBS news. This article elaborates further on Ben Rhodes, his brother at CBS News, and how Atkisson was spied on and hacked as a result of her reporting that the administration viewed as a threat.


Susan Rice, fresh off her Benghazi PR moment, moved up in the world when Obama beat Mittens Romney. He promoted her to National Security Adviser and chose Ben Rhodes as her deputy. Rice’s deputy is very interesting. Not only did Ben’s brother head CBS, but the FBI refused to give him a security clearance. I wonder what the FBI found that gave them pause, even as they literally gave them to known threats?

Also very interesting is who succeeded Susan Rice at the key post of UN Ambassador: Samantha J Power. Do you know what Samantha Power is most famous for? Allow me to refresh your memory here about the illegal unmasking of Americans. Now that’s profound and would have certainly alarmed NSA Dir Adm Rogers and the NSA IG. There’s zero legitimate reasons for Power to be unmasking ANY Americans. Her job had zero need to know for that information. This was such an anomaly that it was immediate flagged at NSA and the Director alerted. I have grave doubts about Power’s honesty, especially under oath, but this is interesting. She claimed ‘others’ were unmasking in her name, but her signature is on the documents themselves. Because Power’ job was directly related to NATSEC matters, she would have also reported to Rhodes and Rice. Interestingly, Rice denied unmasking while Rhodes never commented on the subject.

Susan Rice was lying. She later recanted her claim to know nothing about unmasking and admitted to doing so but said ‘it was legit and very limited.’ Riiiight. Rice and Samantha Power unmasked HUNDREDS of US Citizens in raw electronic surveillance records and leaked them all over the intel community and to the press. Think about how LTG Flynn’s calls made it into the legacy media


Someone was leaking the information from the spreadsheets Rice ordered the intelligence community to create that contained unmasked persons and raw SIGINT data. But Ben Rhodes in the interview shared by journalist Lee Smith says he knew nothing and wasn’t involved.

In fact, here’s how prevalent the illegal spying was: a massive excel spreadsheet containing thousands and thousands of line items with raw Signals intercept data and unmasked US persons’ names in them was created and shared illegally as noted here. That’s what Power, Rice, and Rhodes were doing. It began long before the election and lasted up until the last moment the Obama admin was in the White House. These spreadsheets were provided all across the intell community, to media outlets, and Congress. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas openly bragged about it on MSNBC as this video shows:

Right now, you’re asking, “how is this possible?! There are supposed to be safeguards against this!” Yes, there are. All of them were ignored because Barack Obama issued an Executive Order suspending them.

Ben Rhodes claimed Obama White House did everything by the book and nothing illegal or improper happened. Sound familiar? Back to his boss and her email to herself, there was this from the White House email address that was sent literally MINUTES before President Trump’s  inauguration. Note that that letter is from a committee oversight chairman demanding answers. You know why – because that was a CYA letter that Rice sent to try to legally protect herself knowing she was criminally liable. It’s clear the entire National Security team of the Obama White House was deeply involved in Spygate before AND AFTER the 2016 election. There’s documentation of this – time stamped, court-admissible documentary evidence. This is just one example; note the timestamp/date.


Now, if everything was legal, if they were looking at valid NATSEC threats, why didn’t the FBI brief Trump about the FBI’s counter-intelligence investigation? Why did the Obama White House, FBI and DOJ have meetings discussing how to hide it all from Trump? Why did the Obama White House, by Obama’s executive order, change the order of succession at DoJ before leaving office? The incoming Trump admin knew this change was to maintain control of DoJ from outside President Trump’s administration and continue the coup and hide evidence of it from the DoJ OIG, as well as to stand in way of any prosecutions that might ensue. That was Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates’ primary task (until she was forced to resign!). President Trump reversed it immediately.

If this was all legal, why did DoJ Natl Security Division head John Carlin quit one day after certifying report that no FISA abuse occurred while NSA Director ADM Mike Rogers was briefing the FISA Court on abuse by the Obama Admin?

John Carlin reported directly to DAG Sally Yates who illegally prevented the DoJ OIG from overseeing and auditing any and all DoJ NATSEC Division activities, as described here. Sally Yates knowingly shielded the DoJ NATSEC Division from lawful DoJ OIG oversight to hide the crimes being committed – crimes she was directly involved in, such as the Carter Page FISA warrant and spying.

It’s easy to see the deception, fear, and agitation in Ben Rhodes stemming from that Farkas interview on MSNBC. He knows that the DoJ OIG, USA Huber, AG Barr, the NSA IG, and FISA court judges are all looking at everything outlined here. And Joe DiGenova has reported that the FISA court is working directly with DoJ and the DoJ OIG in criminal investigations of FISA abuse.


An important background note: all copies of that video interview, even excerpts, have been removed from Youtube, which is a large Obama and Democrat donor. Here’s the video of Farkas’s MSNBC interview that they’ve suppressed:

There are other legal concerns at present that the Obama White House and his high-level staff are currently very concerned about, such as DoJ and DHS re-opening of Project Cassandra and illegal action that were part of the Iran nuclear deal and so many more crimes. Please read this well-researched and documented article about how the Obama administration shielded Hezbollah, a deadly terrorist organization who has murdered hundreds of Americans from US criminal cases. The Obama administration stalled and killed Project Cassandra in an effort to move the Iran nuclear deal forward. Ben Rhodes played a key role in this, including later admitting he deliberately lied to the press and the American people to sell the deal.

It’s easy to see why Ben Rhodes is panicking these days. He’s not the only one. We see you Ben…and Susan and Samantha and Evelyn and Sally and…..

The Obama Administration cabal are watching the Ukraine events fold with great trepidation, I’m sure, as they surely must know that it’s their last attempt to sidetrack the DoJ investigation into the origins of the illegal counter-intel investigation into the Trump campaign. That investigation, when combined with the release of the DoJ IG report on FISA abuse, will be the old one-two punch that will knock ‘em all out. And I can’t wait! I wonder which of weakest of them will try to either turn on the rest of them or fly the coup. That day is coming fast! Lil Ben Rhodes and Evelyn Farkas are good candidates to be the first.


The end.


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