Democrat Dirty Tricks in the Context of Ukraine

Democrats have an old political playbook consisting of dirty tricks that they have been using for decades. If one pays close attention, a pattern of reuse can easily be discerned. Occasionally, they even document their political strategies, as has been done by the likes of Antonio Gramsci, Cloward and Piven, and the Devil’s disciple himself, Saul Alinsky. Let’s go through a few of them and see how they have been applied to the Ukraine leaker/complainant kerfuffle that is all the rage among wacko Democrats and their lick-spittle media these days.


First of all, Democrats (liberals, progressives and statists are also interchangeable labels these days) are themselves guilty and past perpetrators of that which they accuse Republicans. This is called “transference.” Ukraine is the perfect example, as the emotional accusations against POTUS are all about abuse of power and quid pro quo when in reality, the Democrats in the person of Joe Biden are themselves guilty as sin dipped in misery regarding these accusations. A very specific example is the video clip of Joe Biden being confronted with a question of whether he ever spoke to his son Hunter about Hunter’s business dealings in the Ukraine. Biden responded by saying “never” and then immediately shifted the topic to a demand that President Trump be investigated for his abuse of power and other supposed crimes in dealing with Ukraine.

There is a corollary to transference: Democrats thought of and did first that which they accuse Republicans of doing. In their evil minds, they believe that Republicans always do the same kinds of dirty actions as they themselves do, making it easy to accuse Republicans of the most heinous crimes whenever politically convenient. After reading the declassified transcript summary of the Trump-Zelenskiy and comparing that to the frenetic accusations of quid pro quo and “threats to national security,” it’s easy to figure out the real story, isn’t it?

No political tactic is too vile or unseemly to be used by a Democrat, and no topic is out of bounds if it furthers anything in the Democrats’ agenda. Think about the allegations in the fake Russian dossier as but one example, with the ridiculous allegations about the prostitutes, etc. With respect to Ukraine, the Democrats know about the mutual assistance treaty between the Ukraine and the US, yet they accuse the President of the most heinous crimes associated with POTUS’s request for help in assisting AG Barr’s investigations of the origins of the Russia hoax.


Next, anything is game in the pursuit of Democrat political power. Just throw it out there, and if it sticks, keep running with it. And of course, the Democrats in the legacy media will propagate and spin it even if untrue! That’s EXACTLY what is unfolding in the Ukraine affair. First there were the core accusations in the complaint, then spinning to peripheral affairs (“Trump is keeping secrets about phone calls that shouldn’t be secret,” don’t ya know!), to alleged process crimes (“obstruction”), and now to strong-arming Australia in a similar fashion in other to construct a pattern of evil Trump behavior.

Democrats continually use false straw-man arguments in public discourse in order to portray their own beliefs as correct, as well as their opponents as ostensibly “racist, bigoted, homophobic, unpatriotic,” or whatever. Invariably, their premises are incorrect. The Democrats and media are claiming that the phone transcript proves that POTUS abused his authority by pressuring Ukraine while ignoring the actual content of the transcript itself.

When Democrats go to great lengths to obfuscate and hide something, that something is extremely politically damaging to them. The louder they shriek, the worse the cover-up. POTUS’s recent remarks about the Ukraine phone call leaker are a case in point! They seek to hide the Bidens’ blatant corruption and abuse of power. Hunter Biden, who had been drummed out of the Navy on cocaine use charged, received a $50,000 per month (!) contract with Burisma Holdings Limited, an energy exploration and production company, and Joe Biden strong-armed Ukraine by threatening to withhold foreign aid in order to get the Ukrainians to fire a prosecutor investigating Hunter’s corruption (which was captured on videotape!). The Democrats may think they can convince their base that that’s not corruption or a quid pro quo, but please, the rest of us aren’t that stupid. And it’s amazing that not one major legacy media organization is looking into that criminality at all. To the contrary, they are in “Democrat protection mode and are all claiming that there is ZERO evidence despite the Biden video on the public record!


The level of Democrat caterwauling, emotion, and name-calling is directly proportional to just how bad a given liberal cover up is. It escalates in accordance with the magnitude of the infraction for which conservatives usually take the fall. That is EXACTLY what is going on with Ukraine. The Democrats know that getting to the bottom of Crowdstrike, the DNC, and the Bidens’ corruption is a stake in their collective hearts unless it can be side-tracked by top-shifting to a false set of allegations against President Trump.

Hearsay is all that is needed to accuse a Republican of the most egregious allegations. No need for evidence or truth; it’s the seriousness of the alleged crimes that is what counts in the court of public opinion. It’s all about capturing the daily headlines, not the reality of the claims themselves. Who cares if the allegations are debunked a couple news cycles later because the Democrats bank on capitalizing on the headlines of the moment, not the truth of their breathless claims. That’s what’s going on with the Ukraine kerfuffle, as the accusations of the accuser/claimant based on second-hand information and repeated by the Democrats and legacy media are completely unfounded based on any real evidence, and most particularly the phone call transcript summary.

Democrats are tyrannical—some benign, some purposely trying to change things to the detriment of us all. They believe that the law and due process are malleable depending on circumstance, and that established rules can be whimsically changed to support the politics of the moment. They think they know better and by their ostensible intelligence believe that they have every right to call the shots for the rest of us. The fact that the IC whistleblower disclosure form was changed to accommodate the leaker/claimant is a red flag example of this political tactic. And Shrillary coming forth to claim support for impeachment based on this complaint is a typical example of her elitist view of what’s “best for America” (never mind due process and what the facts evince).


Democrats are legalistic by nature; for them, it is all about process and the rule of man, not the rule of law. Nowhere have we seen any Democrat-sponsored legal actions that have been focused on actually improving outcomes. We always see them practice lawfare to advance their political goals, and Ukraine is no exception. It is almost certain that the Ukraine leaker’s complaint was written with outside legal help, as several expert commentators have previously noted, given its structure, legalistic content, and heavy use of footnotes consistent with, for example, the Mueller report. Who are the potential culprits? Those associated with Lawfareblog(dot)com spring immediately to mind.

Everything is political to Democrats; the good of the country is secondary to the good of the Democrat Party and individual Democrats. When in doubt lie, as long as it advanced Democrat political prospects. Watching San Fran Nan bring up “patriotism” in discussing their impeachment gambit as relates to the Ukraine kerfuffle makes me want to puke. That woman doesn’t know the first thing about patriotism; if you watch her body language closely, the word even sticks in her craw when she speaks it.

Democrats “move on” when the issue is embarrassing to them. When they find an issue embarrassing to Republicans/conservatives, they dwell on it endlessly (even while clamoring for Republicans/conservatives to ”get over it” on other issues). Watch for the Democrats shift to other peripheral aspects of the Ukraine kerfuffle as the truth of the matter becomes more widely known. They’re moving on to subpoenaing Trump aides and records in hopes that they’ll find some process crimes with which to justify their impeachment gambit.


To finish this off, character and ethics are non-existent in the Democrat Party. As a corollary, their allies in the media are expected to cover for any gaffes or mistakes, or at least to limit the political damage to the Democrat Party from such errors. Remember that “parody” of the President’s phone call that he pronounced during the opening statement of his committee’s hearing questioning acting DNI Joseph McGuire last week? That was the complete antithesis of character and ethics. And that defines everything you see on CNN and MSNBC as relates to the Ukraine topic.

For Democrats, outcome is inconsequential to intentions. As long as Democrats “mean well,” it doesn’t matter what the harmful consequences of their policies are (e.g., long life light bulbs with mercury in them; plastic bags; bio fuels harmful effect on food prices for the poor in third world countries; abandoning Vietnam and causing genocide of millions, etc. Or, in the context of Ukraine, the damage that will result if they continue to press for making the President’s conversations with foreign leaders public. Who on Earth would want to discuss sensitive matters with a US president if there was a high probability that those conversations would be made public? Would JFK and Nikita Khrushchev have been able to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis if their conversations have been made public in near real-time? Yet, the Democrats don’t care about those potential consequences.

Do the aforementioned tactics bring back bad memories of past Democrat actions on other issues besides the Ukraine topic? They should! Stark examples can easily be recalled if you think about it, as those tactics are repeated endlessly by Democrats. It’s what Democrats do, folks! They could care less about solving real problems or pursuing the truth; they are all about gaining and maintaining political control. Everything they do can be reduced to that prime imperative that motivates them. In the case of Ukraine, that involves orchestrating an impeachment of the President based on false pretenses and false allegations as a means toward that end. That is what is unfolding before our eyes, using the tactics discussed here. I encourage you to look for these tactics in the Democrats’ actions going forward; identifying their use explains much. Their playbook is transparent!


The end.


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