Army Follows the Air Force's Lead by Calling Retirees Back to Active Duty

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The Army is opening the doors to retired soldiers to return to active duty to fill critical worldwide shortages. This follows the Air Force's February announcement that it would allow up to 1,000 retirees, including pilots, to return to active duty for up to four years.


The message called an All Army Activities or ALARACT message says:

“A review of commands’ requests for [the] fill of authorized personnel vacancies, in conjunction with current Army manning guidance, prompted review of how the Army can fill key and critical position vacancies,” the document stated, outlining the current situation. “The retiree recall program can be an effective tool to fill personnel shortages of authorized regular Army vacancies that are considered key and essential.”

This message applies to any retired soldier who can meet physical fitness standards and is not older than 70. Read that slowly.

The problem is brought on by two factors. The Army recruiting program is suffering a perfect storm in that it is trying to appeal to a youth cohort that has shown no evidence that it is willing to work and an Army leadership climate that devalues and denigrates white males while putting a premium on the sexually exotic demographic group in society, and idiots running the program. 


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The second problem is that the Army has funding for 90% of authorized positions. The Army force structure calls for 494,000 soldiers and has the money to pay 455,000. Some of the 40k shortfall is due to the Army reducing its strength by 24,000 to cover up the barking shambles that is its recruiting program.

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What this is not about, contrary to the commentary churned out by the Idiot-American demographic, is preparing for World War III. The Navy hasn't called up retirees because they've taken a different route in packing the fleet with kids who they know will either wash out of basic training or fail to complete their first term of service

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If you are preparing for war, you impose a stop-loss and start asking for Individual Ready Reservists to come back on active duty. You don't do it with a couple of thousand people up to 70 years of age.


This is a bandaid on a sucking chest wound. Bringing retirees back on active duty won't solve the underlying social and institutional issues that have caused the crisis. The Army can't recruit because it loathes the demographic that has historically filled the combat arms: rural and suburban white males from the South and Flyover Country. It can't change voluntarily because it has spent too much time indoctrinating everyone in DIE and CRT. This doesn't end until an Army Secretary or Chief of Staff goes medieval on the people currently running the system and ruining the Army.


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