Democrats Argue That Taking Abortion-Surviving Babies to the Hospital Will Endanger Their Lives

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Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act by a party-line vote of 220-210, with Democrat Vicente Gonzalez (TX-34) courageously voting “Present.” The bill is concise and very simple. It states that a child that happens to survive the horror of the abortuary has the right to receive the same level of medical care as any other human. This quote is from the bill; you can read the whole thing at this link.


My colleague Mike Miller posted on the floor vote yesterday; see Democrats Lose Their Minds After House Passes Bill Requiring Care for Babies Born Alive During Failed Abortions.

During the debate on the bill, this is the kind of reasoning used by the Democrats. No learned debate would be complete without the thought of Fat Jerry Nadler.



Sorry, wrong clip. I don’t know how that keeps happening. This is Nadler unleashing his fearsome intellect upon the unborn.

While I might agree, in principle, that bringing an infant to a hospital infested with “medical professionals” who are also Molochites could endanger their life, the idea is that the hospital is required to give the same standard of care to this infant as it would to any other patient and it faces legal consequences for failure to do so.

Just in case you think this was Nadler talking out of his ample ass, it wasn’t. This was obviously a scripted talking point.

None of these Democrats offered any amendment to the bill to address their objections. Instead, they relied upon lie after pro-abort lie to defend the right to engage in infanticide.


The Democrats claimed that the law is superfluous because the 2002 “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act” already exists. That law merely says that a child born alive after a botched abortion is a person; it does not establish a standard of care or penalties for killing babies. They claimed that since murder is illegal in every state, there is no reason for the law. Yet 32 states permit babies born after abortion to be killed. Two states, New York and Illinois, have pointedly addressed this issue by affirmatively legalizing the practice. They also claim that the incidence is rare, so why worry? According to a CDC official, there are probably 500 such instances each year. By comparison, there are about 300 deaths caused by modern sporting rifles each year, yet the Democrats crap their drawers trying to legislate away that menace.

They then trotted off to “shout their abortion.”

Abortion is a horrific pseudo-medical procedure that kills at least half of everyone involved. Allowing it to be legal is an indicator of the degradation of our society. Allowing babies to be killed because a hired killer was incompetent is subhuman. Even if you support late-term abortion, simple justice demands that you act to save a baby that has been born.


Like so many issues, the decision by the Democrats to vote en masse in favor of infanticide cannot be explained by a policy difference. It cannot be cured by education and debate. These people are fundamentally evil. The sooner we acknowledge this simple fact, the easier it will be to deal with them in the future.


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