Maggie Hassan Defeats Dan Bolduc In New Hampshire Senate Race

AP Photo/Mary Schwalm

Democrat Maggie Hassan has defeated Republican Don Bolduc and been reelected to the US Senate.


This race was winnable but filled with unforced errors by Bolduc. The fatal error was a rather public spat with Governor Chris Sununu (who coasted to reelection tonight).

Speaking with Sununu on Wednesday night, Tapper noted the governor’s previous opposition to Bolduc during the GOP primary.

“You recently have embraced him even though during the primaries you called him a ‘conspiracy theory extremist who’s not a serious candidate,’” said Tapper, who then played audio of Bolduc talking about Sununu in 2021.

“He’s a Chinese Communist sympathizer,” Bolduc said during a radio interview. “He’s in business with Saudi Arabian companies that give money to terrorist organizations.”

Bolduc accused Sununu of being “a globalist world government guy.”

This made Sununu’s eventual endorsement of Bolduc less than convincing.






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