Love Him or Hate Him, Mitch McConnell Was the Key Man In Getting Rid of the National Shame of Roe and Casey

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Friday, the US Supreme Court helped right a 50-year wrong by declaring the horrible, paganistic travesties of the Roe and Casey decisions null and void. Nearly a million American babies have been slaughtered annually for almost a half-century. There is no way of calculating the evil done by abortion through lost lives, ruined lives, and a general destruction of respect for life and motherhood in our culture.


While much focus today is on the reactions to that decision, I think it is only fitting to pause for a second to give credit to the man who made this possible: Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell is the guy who stood like Horatius at the bridge and kept a hyper-partisan Merrick Garland from getting a participation trophy in the fading days of the Obama-Biden administration. And by “fading,” I mean the last ten months.

Lest you think I’m on the verge of opening a chapter of the Mitch McConnell Fan Club, I’m not. Let me explain my logic.

Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the majority to obliterate Roe and Casey; he didn’t write the opinion. That he didn’t write the opinion on a decision of this historic magnitude tells you all you need to know about where he stood on the issue. If you need more evidence, take a look at Roberts’ concurring decision. If he didn’t tell you it was a concurrence, you’d swear it was a dissent.

Roberts Concurrence in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization by streiff on Scribd

Over and over, Roberts states that he was against overturning Roe and Casey but was fine with moving the line for abortion to 15 weeks. Why? At this point, the logic gets murky. If Roberts truly believes, as he says, that the Roe trimester rubric is not defensible, then all a decision permitting a 15-week ban accomplished was more bad law and keeping abortion alive as a judicial football.


Had Garland been confirmed as a justice, Roberts would have written a 5-4 decision keeping abortion a constitutional right.

I give President Trump maximum credit for his picks and acknowledge that if we’d been cursed with a President Hillary! today would not have happened. But I don’t think that even judges picked by President Trump could have pulled this off if McConnell had not held firm and refused to put a partisan leftist on the Supreme Court bench.


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