Joe Biden Wins Big on His Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

A Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals panel has reinstated Joe Biden’s mandate that companies with 100 employees or more require their workforce to be vaccinated. The decision was 2-1 with a Trump appointee, Judge Joan Larsen, voting to protect America. An Obama judge and a George W. Bush judge voted for totalitarianism and superstition. The court also reinstated the January 4 effective date based on the theory that there would be mass carnage in the workplace without the mandate, and time was of the essence.


Some 24 different suits challenging Biden’s vaccine mandate had been consolidated into one case earlier this month. The Sixth Circuit, which is relatively conservative, won the draw to handle that case. The next step will probably be to the Supreme Court, where the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers in facilities receiving Medicare or Medicaid money is being considered.


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