The Left Is Shocked When Those Companies Who Promised to Punish GOP Candidates Suddenly Decided Just the Opposite

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In the aftermath of the “insurrection” of January 6, 2021, American companies governed by woke executives and boards fairly fell over one another to appease the left. In a flurry of virtue signaling rarely seen, company after company declared that they would no longer contribute to the campaign funds of anyone who voted against certifying the 2020 election results. Mind you, senators and congressmen and -women have a Constitutional right to object for any reason or no reason at all. In fact, since the 2000 election, Democrats have objected to the Electoral college vote in three elections. Let the record show that since 2000, a Republican has only been elected three times: 2000, 2004, and 2016.


Three things made the 2020 election certification different. First, the election’s fraudulent, if not felonious, conduct in several states was unlike anything the nation has experienced outside the most benighted places in the South shortly after the end of Reconstruction. Second, the number of members objecting to the vote count was unprecedented. Six senators and 128 Representatives objected to the certification of Arizona’s results. Seven senators and 138 members of the House objected to certifying Pennsylvania’s results.  Significant House objections were also raised to the outcomes in Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada, but these drew no support in the Senate.

Third, the certification took place in the shadow of the demonstration inside and around the US Capitol that has been labeled an “insurrection” by the not terribly bright and led to the cold-blooded execution of Ashli Babbitt (WARNING. GRAPHIC VIDEO. Ashli Babbitt’s Shooting by Capitol Police Shows No Weapon and No Danger or Threat to the Cop or Anyone Else) and the alleged beating death of Roseanne Boyland at the hands of Capitol Police officers.

As the Biden bunch began to demonstrate they were not only corrupt to the core but hopelessly inept in the bargain, some companies started pulling back from the precipice of waging an electoral war against the people who were probably going to run Congress in 2024. The Hill reported the companies that pledged to punish Republicans for acting in accordance with their oath of office have slowly been backing off that promise, either directly or indirectly:


Six months after the Capitol attack, only a small number of powerful corporations have made good on their pledge to suspend PAC donations to the 147 Republican lawmakers who voted against certifying the 2020 election results.

Among the 10 biggest corporate PAC donors that pledged to pause their contributions to election objectors, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Verizon have followed through on their promises, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission filings.

Other top PACs that vowed to withhold contributions, such as AT&T, Comcast, General Electric, Home Depot, Pfizer and Walmart, have been bankrolling party committees or leadership PACs that can easily funnel campaign cash to election objectors. Those company PACs have not made direct donations to the lawmakers’ campaigns.

Now the most significant sign has arrived that the whole benighted effort to blame Republican senators and members of Congress for doing what they are paid to do as well as what they believe is right has come to a screeching halt comes from a whining, mewling article in Rolling Stone titled Big Law Firms Promised to Punish Republicans Who Voted to Overthrow Democracy. Now They’re Donating to Their Campaigns. This is strictly a “reader beware” situation, as Rolling Stone is famous for just making crap up and portraying it as fact; see BREAKING. Federal Jury Finds Rolling Stone Magazine GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!

[Big Law firms] weren’t alone in reacting swiftly to the events of Jan. 6. Major corporations and their lobbying front groups in Washington called the insurrection “appalling,” an “assault on our democracy,” and “an attack on all those things that people cherish and associate with America.” Numerous major corporations from Pfizer to Chevron made pledges to freeze financial contributions to the House and Senate Republicans who had voted against certifying Biden’s election, many of them citing vague or baseless claims of election fraud. But by the fall of this year, those corporations have resumed donations to members of the so-called Sedition Caucus as well as party committees that work to reelect Republican members.

Now, the same pattern is playing out with Big Law.


Ahhh, isn’t it so cute when pedo-enablers have themselves a quiet cry?

Why companies are backing away from their intemperate declarations earlier in the year is not a mystery.

Nothing is going Biden’s way. The economy is in the crapper despite the “Biden Boom” gaslighting attempted by the White House and its fluffers (The Biden White House Propaganda Sessions With Colluding Media Seem to Be Working as ‘Biden Boom’ Trends on Social Media). By over a two-to-one margin, the country believes we are headed in the wrong direction. The supply chain is in tatters (in my local Sam’s Club today, there was not a single pork product in the meat section, there were less than a half-dozen packages of chicken, and two ice cream freezers were bare). Biden is giving Ukraine to Putin and will be damned fortunate if he doesn’t wake up from his post-ice-cream nap one day and find China has taken Taiwan.

Every poll shows Biden losing points in his approval rating, and his friends in the media have been reduced to citing Kamala Harris’ dismal ratings to make him look better. Current “generic ballot” polls, that is, a general preference for one party over another to control Congress, have Republicans at a point exceeding their standing at this point before the 2010 blowout. The only thing Biden can say he’s done that is positive is that he’s allowed Jimmy Carter to live to see a more inept, incompetent, and unpopular president than himself.


Like major corporations, Big Law can see what is coming. They can either remain true to their wokeness and find themselves totally shut out when a new Congress takes the reins, or they can quietly renege on their virtue signaling and move on. It is increasingly apparent that sane people don’t consider January 6 an “insurrection,” and they don’t care about the silly little “commission” pretending to investigate that event. Voters aren’t going to cast their vote based on a senator or member of Congress having the foresight to try to keep Joey SoftServe out of the White House, and there is no downside to stop play-acting like the Republic was in danger on January 6.

This just goes to show that the aphorism “money talks and bullsh** walks” applies in politics as well as most other human endeavors.



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