The 'Squad' Forces Pelosi to Remove Funds for Israel's Iron Dome Defense System From Must-Pass Continuing Resolution and Debt Ceiling Bill

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From the very first moment the so-called “Squad” burst on the scene, it was pretty obvious that they had a fondness for three things that created a common bond: totalitarian socialism, attention whoring, and anti-Semitism. If you don’t know who the Squad are, they are a group of six progressive Democrats, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ilhan Omar (Somalia), Ayanna Pressley (MA), Rashida Tlaib (MI), Jamaal Bowman (NY), and Cori Bush (MO). Because of the narrow majority commanded by Nancy Pelosi, this group has the power to veto any legislation. Their ability to do so was demonstrated for the world to see a little earlier today.


The House was preparing to vote on a continuing resolution to keep the government funded, as well as an increase in the debt ceiling. This should’ve been easy, but then the “Squad” had the opportunity to indulge themselves in two of their three favorite activities. What would those two activities have been?

House Democratic leaders on Tuesday yanked $1 billion for Israeli missile defense from a government funding package that will bring them no closer to stopping a government shutdown or avoiding a debt default.

The funding bill hit a last-minute snag after a group of House progressives revolted over the $1 billion it would have provided for the Pentagon to help replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Democratic leaders stripped that provision from the measure just minutes before a procedural vote after facing pushback from their left flank.


That same bill is sending money to the Taliban.

If you aren’t familiar with Iron Dome, it is an Israeli-French air defense system that protects fixed installations and population centers from attack by rockets, artillery, UAVs, or cruise missiles. It has had significant success in defending the Israeli civilian population from attacks by Hamas from the Third Word sh**-hole (that’s a technical term that I don’t have time to explain) that is the Palestinian territory.

Refusing to fund Iron Dome so Israel can purchase more ammunition is calculated to result in dead Jews and, inevitably, dead Palestinians. Moreover, the ability to stop Hamas rocket attacks has reduced the need for the Israeli Armed Forces to make ground forays into the Palestinian-controlled areas.

The House Democrat leadership claims that they will put the funding in a later Defense Appropriation Bill, but no one really believes them because the “Squad” can use the exact same tactic to scuttle any legislation so long as the Democrats control the House.

Against that backdrop, rumors are swirling that Israel will recall its ambassador if the funding does not go through, but it may be mollified by the promise of future payment not to take that step.

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed this level of incompetence and fecklessness in my lifetime…and I cast my first presidential vote for Jimmy Carter. Our timorous flight from Afghanistan, leaving behind US citizens, US resident aliens, Afghans with immigration visas, and a stack of dead kids, destroyed our credibility with our allies. It showed that we are untrustworthy in battle. The trick-f***ing of the French (France Recalls Ambassadors From US and Australia After Being Sandbagged in Defense Pact Arms Deal) and now this betrayal shows we are unreliable partners in mutual defense.


We are being governed by an illegitimate and anti-American Potemkin government that seems hellbent on destroying the United States through its foreign and domestic policy.


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