It Looks Like the Evacuation of Afghanistan Is at an End

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

You can file this in the non-yet-confirmed file for a while, it is now after 10 PM August 30, Kabul time, and it looks like the very last stages of our flight from Kabul is in the works.


I’ll set up this Twitter thread from well-connected independent journalist Emily Miller.

There was some dissection on this point:

But if you consult for the status at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, at this writing, there are two USAF C-17s based out of Qatar’s Al-Udeid airbase on the ground. What is significant is while there are three KC-135 aerial refuelers along the route, there are no other aircraft from any nation inbound to Kabul. So this looks like the last flight out.

Both Americans and Afghans are being turned away at airport checkpoints by the Taliban and American forces.


If there were going to be a big push to evacuate folks on the last day, you’d expect more aircraft than this in the area. You also wouldn’t expect to see US passport holders turned away.

Last American C-17s depart Kabul, 12:02am August 31

All appearances are that when the sun rises on Kabul on August 31, the only Americans remaining will be those we abandoned.



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