White House Doctors the 'Read out' of Joe Biden's Call to France's Emmanuel Macron to Make It Look Better Than It Was

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To the stunned amazement of most Americans, as the Afghan misadventure melted down last weekend, President (so-called) Joe Biden disappeared from view. He made no public appearances for about three days until he emerged from an undisclosed location on Monday morning to make a rambling and incoherent statement–the first of several he’s made since then–and disappear again. He didn’t bother to call any of our allies until Tuesday morning when he called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Consider that for a moment. As Afghanistan went pear-shaped because of decisions made exclusively by Biden and the nincompoops surrounding him, he did not communicate with any of the nations who have squandered blood and treasure as junior parties in this debacle.

Two days later, Biden got around to calling French President Emmanuel Macron. I’ve made more than my share of jokes about the French, but while US military commanders have our troops cowering inside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, French commandos, along with British Special Air Service and Special Boat Service troops, have been pushing into Kabul to round up the civilians under their protection and escort them to the airport.

This is the readout of the phone call published by the White House.

President Joe Biden and President Emmanuel Macron of France spoke today about developments in Afghanistan. They lauded the tireless efforts of their personnel working closely together in Kabul on the evacuation of their citizens, the brave Afghans who have stood by us and our NATO partners, and other vulnerable Afghan nationals. They underscored the importance of continued close coordination among allies and democratic partners on Afghanistan, including through multilateral fora, on the provision of humanitarian assistance and support for refugees. They welcomed the virtual G7 leaders’ meeting next week to help coordinate these efforts and discuss a common approach.


Today, the French released their version of the readout. It shows a difference in urgency and focus from how Biden’s White House portrayed the call.

The White House’s readout of a call between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron on the crisis in Afghanistan leaves out an impassioned plea from the French president that the US and its allies have a “moral responsibility” to evacuate Afghan allies.

The French government’s readout of the conversation was released on Friday, a day after the call took place, and indicates that Macron emphasised ensuring the safe evacuation of Afghan citizens who assisted American and European troops over the past 20 years at great risk to themselves and their families.

According to the readout, Macron described the mission to evacuate allies as a “moral responsibility” and told Biden: “We cannot abandon them.”

The Élysée said Macron “underlined the absolute need to ensure rapid and concrete coordination among allies on the ground to continue the evacuations”.

The emphasis on rapid and concrete actions, as well as the moral responsibility to try to rescue those Afghans who had helped us, is noticeably missing.

This is where we are as a nation.

We are ruled by buffoons who embellish their incompetence with a disdain for Americans and Constitutional freedoms. They are protected by a deeply corrupt and highly partisan civil service that will deceive the American people to protect a Democrat and engage in the ruthless character assassination of any Republican. Top cover for both is flown by the fearless firefighters in our media who will never do anything beyond acting as stenographers for any Democrat administration. We are at the point where virtually any foreign government should be considered more reliable than our own.



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