Kamala Harris Is a Surprise and a Leading Contestant in the 'Who Lost Afghanistan?' Sweepstakes

Kamala Harris Is a Surprise and a Leading Contestant in the 'Who Lost Afghanistan?' Sweepstakes
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Kamala Harris is one of the amusing sideshows in a White House that seems like the midway in a downscale carnival.

It is no secret that Kamala Harris’ political career is totally due to the patronage she received, among other things, from California political powerhouse Willie Brown. It is equally no secret that a somnolent Joe Biden chose her as a running mate based on the BlackLivesMatter riots and the George Floyd hysteria sweeping Democrat strongholds during the election. Since she has been sworn in, Harris has established a reputation as someone afraid of actual responsibility but willing to show up for no-work press conferences and have her picture taken with people who may or may not be accomplishing something.

The first public evidence of this was when Joe Biden made her his Border czarina. Harris let it be known that she had no responsibility for anything going on at the border. See Kamala Harris Lets the World Know She Is Not Responsible for Managing the Border Crisis No Matter What Joe Biden Says.

Now we have one for the ages. Four months ago, someone in Harris’ inner circle was able to plant this story with Politico; its headline carried echoes of her Willie Brown days; Harris says she had key role in Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal decision.

Vice President Kamala Harris confirmed Sunday that she was the last person in the room before President Joe Biden made the decision to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” Harris was asked about being the last person in the room regarding major decisions, something that Biden has said is important to him in his working relationship with the vice president. Harris confirmed that was the case regarding the move to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11.

The actual transcript says:

BASH: President Biden always said that he wants you to be the last person in the room…


BASH: … particularly for big decisions, just as he was for President Obama.



BASH: He just made a really big decision, Afghanistan.


BASH: Were you the last person in the room?


BASH: And you feel comfortable?


And I’m going to add to that. This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage. He is someone who I have seen over and over again make decisions based on what he truly believes — based on his years of doing this work and studying these issues, what he truly believes is the right thing to do.

And I’m going to tell you something about him. He is acutely aware that it may not be politically popular or advantageous for him personally. It’s really something to see. And I wish that the American public could see sometimes what I see, because, ultimately — and the decision always rests with him, but I have seen him over and over again make decisions based exactly on what he believes is right, regardless of what maybe the political people tell him is in his best selfish interest.

But Team Harris was able to puff that role up to portray Harris as being a key decisionmaker.

What looked like an easy bit of credit-grabbing in April now looks like an unmitigated disaster.RedState’s Kyle Becker tweeted out this snippet earlier today:

She really doesn’t get a vote on that, and the smart money says that the blame for this is going to attach itself to anyone who was even in a meeting on Afghanistan. She has positioned herself as the key person in convincing Biden to move ahead with his boneheaded plan, and no one is going to let her forget that.

Harris is finally in a position where she can’t run from accountability because she doesn’t have a patron to protect her. If Biden’s inner circle is anything but the product of multiple generations of imbeciles, they have to know that the 25th Amendment is coming for Biden after the mid-terms. They also have to see that Harris sees herself ascending to the presidency and then serving two more terms. Her “lean and hungry look” is visible to anyone watching, and because of that, I suspect Biden’s people are going to tie this tin can to Harris’ metaphorical tail and chase her down the street.

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