New York Times Reassembles Its Russia Hoax White House Team to Investigate President Trump's October Hospitalization

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Back in early October, President Trump was briefly hospitalized for an infection of the China virus. He was admitted on October 2 and released three days later (median hospital stay for a Wuhan virus infestation is 4 days which indicates his condition was on the less serious side). There was much not-so-quiet rooting for his death or for severe results on the part of the media and the left…to the extent they are different things. There was much outrage as his medical team used an “experimental” therapy. And even more outrage was generated when he emerged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center hale and hearty and took a victory lap in his limo.


Today, over four months after President Trump strode from the doors of the hospital, the New York Times is running an investigative piece on just how sick he was based, naturally, on not a single named source or revealed document.

The story is silly. Anonymous persons, about whom we know nothing, are used to show that a “rosy version of Mr. Trump’s condition” was presented to the media.

A couple of things come through. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a chronic condition for which there is no cure. The people on this story were all involved in sordid hit pieces on President Trump. One of those on the byline, Mark Mazzetti, was involved in a bizarre story headlined Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups, (read New York Times Attempts to Create Fake Spy Story to Discredit Trump Administration and Project Veritas) which was later retracted (read NY Times Forced to Print Retraction in Project Veritas Hit Piece). No one who followed politics for the last four years needs to be reminded of Maggie Haberman’s work. They simply can’t get over the fact that Trump is no longer president and their careers will never again be as bright as they were because they can’t run the same sh** stories on Joe Biden that they did on Donald Trump. There is literally nothing in this story that is newsworthy other than it is another hit on their favorite target.


I also question the ethics of the report. Private medical information about President Trump is divulged (this is known as a felony if you are not a reporter) and because there are no documents or reports or on-the-record statements, there is no way to evaluate the truthfulness. That is critical if you are going so far as to call President Trump’s attending physician a liar.

What we know for certain is that none of these people, not a one, will show any degree of curiosity about Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive impairment. It will be a remake of the Kennedy White House when reporters conspired to hide Kennedy’s public sex life and his significant health problems from the American people because their affiliation with his politics was more important than the truth.


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