Liz Cheney's Congressional Career Appears to Be Over

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Last week, in a veritable bacchanalia of virtue signalling, ten Republican congressmembers, including House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney, voted with the Democrats to impeach President Trump on the fabricated charge that his speech on January 6 precipitated the riot in the Capitol.


One doesn’t know whether Cheney just wanted to go out of Congress with a bang; or if she seriously misread the tenor of the GOP both nationally and at home and thought this “maverick” vote was her ticket to more power; or, if being true to her heritage, she couldn’t resist getting involved in a war with no victory conditions and no way out.

Here is our coverage of the events.

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As I note in my story, If the House GOP Conference Doesn’t Boot Liz Cheney From Leadership They Will Deserve What Happens Next, only a fifth of the House GOP caucus had to sign the petition to trigger a vote to remove Cheney from here leadership position. A lot of the big-brain thinkers in the media and among the Vichy wing of the GOP spun the story this way. A handful of House conservatives would sign the petition to require a vote, but the vote is by secret ballot and Cheney really represents the conscience of the GOP and that secret ballot will support her. That seemed improbable at the time. It seemed like the most likely outcome was for a handful of Republicans to sign the petition and then for the secret ballot to be a blow-out vote to evict her from the leadership because no one would have to answer to the media.


That isn’t the way it is playing out.

If over half of the GOP conference has signed the petition, the actual vote will be a bloodbath. The only question is whether Cheney goes through with the vote or resigns rather than face the judgment of her colleagues.

What is encouraging about this is the House GOP membership sending a clear signal to would-be Mitt Romneys that there is no place for them in the leadership.

When you combine this with the unanimous censure vote against her by the Wyoming GOP, it is very unlikely that she runs as a Republican in 2022 and, if she does, inconceivable that she survives a primary challenge. No matter, there is a certain constancy in knowing that the same people are relentlessly wrong about everything all the time.



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