The Chinese-Owned World Health Organization Says There Is Worse Than Wuhan on the Way

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Just as it looks like were are about to overcome the charlatans and grifters who have brought the Western world to its knees with an outrageously out-of-proportion reaction to the Wuhan, the World Health Organization has proclaimed that bigger, better viruses are on the horizon:


The coronavirus pandemic might not be the “big one” that experts have long feared, World Health Organization emergencies chief Mike Ryan warned at the global health agency’s last virtual media briefing of the year.

Since the first reports of the coronavirus began circulating nearly a year ago, the WHO has repeatedly warned that the world must prepare for even deadlier pandemics in the future.

“This pandemic has been very severe,” he said Monday. “It has affected every corner of this planet. But this is not necessarily the big one.”

The coronavirus, he said, should serve as a “wake-up call.”

“These threats will continue,” he said. “One thing we need to take from this pandemic, with all of the tragedy and loss, is we need to get our act together.”

It’s wonderful and touching that an organization that has so discredited itself, an organization that has actually worked for our destruction is taking time out from being China’s lackey to worry about our safety. You’ll recall that the United States exited the World Health Organization in July of this year after it came to light the the WHO had actively connived with China to mislead the US and the world about the nature of the Wuhan virus and the impact it had had in China.


What does the WHO mean when it says “we need to get our act together“?

The coronavirus crisis will not be the last pandemic, and attempts to improve human health are “doomed” without tackling climate change and animal welfare, the World Health Organization’s chief said.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also condemned the “dangerously short-sighted” cycle of throwing cash at outbreaks but doing nothing to prepare for the next one, in a video message marking Sunday’s first International Day of Epidemic Preparedness.

One is tempted to laugh at this pathetic and transparent attempt to set us up for the next round of pandemic panic porn, but we shouldn’t. They’ve just warned us that this is a successful test run of a pandemic scare after a couple of false starts (Ebola and SARS). They know what buttons to push. The have a roadmap established for trashing civil liberties and expanding the reach of government. We’ve shown them we are weak and timid people who will, for the most part, do exactly what they are told to do so long as someone with the right credentials and a lab coat is giving the orders.


We need to take lessons from this and ensure that there is never a next time, not that some kind of virus won’t appear but that we never again allow ourselves to be treated in the way we have been treated this time.


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