President Trump's Tweet About the China Virus in Florida Drives the Left Bonkers, Because They Are and Because President Trump Is Correct

President Trump's Tweet About the China Virus in Florida Drives the Left Bonkers, Because They Are and Because President Trump Is Correct
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One of the things that I will really, really, really, really miss about President Trump is his ability to reveal the left and the NeverTrump GOP establishment as a bunch of slobbering imbeciles using 240 characters or less.

A few hours ago, President Trump sent out this tweet

This caused walls, ceiling, floors, and windows to be sprayed with what passes for brain matter exploding from the ears and nasal passages of people who react to the truth the way Dracula reacts to Holy Water.

Florida is NOT” is trending on Twitter. This is how Twitter frames the subject:

People are pushing back on Trump’s claims that Florida is doing well in the pandemic

A sampling:

“People.” Yeah, right.

Here are the facts. Numbers of cases is a totally bogus metric that is glommed onto by the media because the number is big. Liberal politicians love to talk about cases because if you test enough people using imprecise tests, you can juice the number of cases and extend your ability to rule by decree. Everyone in the Pandemic Porn industry loves cases. The number of cases are irrelevant, unless it requires a limited resource to manage. A case that requires ICU admittance is very different from a case that is virtually symptom-free and requires only a period of rest. The reason states don’t regularly report hospital bed utilization and ICU utilization is because those numbers will not tell a tale that will set off a round of fecal incontinence in the newsrooms of MSNBC or the Washington Post. They also don’t talk about the other side to the large number of infections. None of those people can catch the virus again and none of them can spread the virus (it’s true; that is the entire principle behind vaccines).

President Trump was obviously not making an absolute statement, but a relative one. So let’s see how Florida, operating as a civilized state government by the rule of law, stacks up to the example of California, where living in fear and being ruled by arbitrary decree is now the norm. Since the left loves number of cases…and since it is the easiest data to produce, let’s use their preferred tool of measurement:

The fact is that lockdowns aren’t working. If they were working, then both New York and California would have much better data than Florida. They don’t. The opposite of better is what they have.

While Andrew Cuomo is trying to exterminate the elderly and Gavin Newsom is exercising Divine Rule, Florida is going on with its collective life. The critters screaming at President Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis on Twitter should be demanding that every state do what Florida is doing…and they would, if they cared more about the welfare of fellow citizens than they do about their hatred of President Trump.

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