Joe Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Was Up to His Eyebrows in the Clinton Email Scandal and in Pushing the Russia Hoax

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

As the court challenges filed by President Trump’s legal team come down to the wire, Joe Biden, without any real mandate to do so, has started announcing his cabinet selections. Part of this is to give an air of legitimacy to his election that will never, ever exist in reality-land and to provide material for an exciting group bout of auto-erotic asphyxia at the next staff meeting of The Bulwark.

Earlier today, we found out that his Secretary of State designate is a long-time crony and State Department apparatchik who seems to be selected to return us to the failed foreign policy of the Obama years…and the usual drifting one would expect to find in a close associate of Biden (read Biden Reveals His Secretary of State Pick, and the Swooning Begins).

At the same time he announced that pick, he also announced his selection of Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser.

Jake Sullivan, you’re saying to yourself. Why does that sound familiar?

It could be familiar because Jake Sullivan sent hundreds of emails that should have had some level of classification to Hlliary Clinton’s personal email server that turned out to have been penetrated by virtually every intelligence organization on the planet. Jake Sullivan is the guy who Clinton ordered to send her a classified briefing by non-secure email using the artifice of simply removing security markings from the documents. “[T]urn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” is what she advised. Some of the emails he sent to Clionton contained the information of the very highest security classification, including the identity of proposed drone targets.

He was also very active in fluffing the Russia Hoax in Coup Attempt #1.

Here he is taking the lead on the Alfa Bank sub-hoax, a favorite of the left and NeverTrumpers everywhere, including some who wrote here:

This was false when he wrote it and he knew it was false.

Allegedly, this leak is one of the areas probed by John Durham, not that any of that will matter if Biden is sworn in.

There is nothing we can do if this appointment comes to pass. The Nationa Security Adviser is on the personal staff of the president and, unless he calls Russia and violates the Logan Act or aims to get us out of senseless wars and offends the DC power elite, there is nothing we can do beyond naming and shaming…and as he has no shame, that is fruitless.

What we can do is keep up an incessant drumbeat about the past activities of Sullivan and those like him. We can encourage the weak sisters in the GOP caucus in Congress to resist as best they can. We can keep the outrage over this election alive and turn out en masse in 2022 to take back the House and get ready to give Donald Trump a second term in 2024.



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