Lou Dobbs Is Exactly Right About This One Thing

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I’ve never been a huge Lou Dobbs fan, and that probably isn’t going to change. Having said that, sometimes, he is 100% right.

A couple of days ago, Dobbs interviewed re-elected California Republican Devin Nunes on the election “results.” Here it is reported on by Jason Campbell, who was James Comey’s figurative “bacha bazi” (NTTAWWT) while at the FBI and who now says stupid stuff for CNN.



Dobbs is exactly right. This election has been so rife with industrial-scale fraud that we will never know who actually won. The idea that hundreds of thousands of people either voted only for Biden or voted GOP down-ballot and against Trump is, to say the least, unusual. Tens of thousands of votes cast for a single candidate are not, no matter what Nate Silver claims, a usual occurrence, nor do election officials routinely sort ballots into single candidate piles before tabulating them. We know that tens of thousands of dead people voted. We know that no signature match was carried out in many jurisdictions that now have exotic results. For all the voices in the media, on the left and on the quisling side of the right declaring questions about Dominion Voting Systems to be conspiracy theories, prominent Democrats made those exact same claims only last year. They were not conspiracy theories then.


If President Trump does not prevail in his legal challenges and if GOP state legislatures lack the testicular fortitude to do what they need to do, that is, select their own slate of electors, then what?

Should the Constitutional process play itself out and Joe Biden’s theft of this election be accepted, I would expect that President Trump will leave the White House. What I would not expect to happen is that either President Trump or any of us accept that this result is anything but the worst sort of blatant in-your-face theft possible. Biden loses his claim to any sort of support; he loses his claim to any sort of the benefit of the doubt. He gets no honeymoon. His decisions do not get the “praise when right, criticize when wrong” treatment, they get unremitting rejection as the acts of a usurper. I would hope that President Trump will stay in the public eye and on the road.

We could very well find ourselves in the position of George Washington’s army, the “three-percenters” in the early years of the American Revolution. Unable to win, Washington’s goal was to maintain an army in the field as a focal point for local resistance and as a symbol or the movement. He went from defeat to defeat, but always reconstituting, always learning, always growing stronger.


The left can’t organize a cheating spree like this again. But our anger is not subsiding; it is getting stronger. Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people turned out across the nation to #StopTheSteal. We have to build on that anger and turn it into a political movement that in 2024 will retake the White House and ensure a theft like the one that we experienced on November 3 never, ever happens again.


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