The Quisling Caucus Begins to Form as Some Republican Senators Call for Joe Biden to Receive President-Elect Intelligence Briefing

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Right now, President Trump is locked in one of the no-holds-barred political fights that have become the hallmark of his tenure in office. In my opinion, the voting process in a half-dozen or so states is so corrupted that we can never know the actual vote counts. Cases are working their way toward the Supreme Court and the decisions rendered by that court could decide the outcome of the election. Likewise, Republican legislatures in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could decide that the vote count is impossibly compromised by fraud and stupidity and put forth their own slate of electors.


For this strategy to work, the Trump administration is refusing to acknowledge that Joe Biden is president-elect. In my view, this is the correct decision. To that end, the General Services Administration has refused to allow the Biden campaign access to the fund set aside for funding presidential transitions. More pointedly, the Director of National Intelligence has refused to give access to the Presidential Daily Brief to Biden.

This is as it should be. Joe Biden is too far down the slippery slide to full-blown dementia to be able to comprehend anything that doesn’t involve pudding. He is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese government and should not be permitted within miles of anything that is even vaguely classified. Candidate Biden received intelligence briefings and, as far as I can determine, still does. That is all he is entitled to unless and until either the Electoral College or the Congress decides otherwise.

At this critical time in our political process, a time in which we may have just witnessed the first instance of how all future elections will be managed, you would think that the GOP Senate Caucus, the body upon whom we will rely to keep some part of the Constitution alive should we experience a Biden and then a Harris presidency, could at least understand the stakes and stand firm. You would be wrong.


First up was Oklahoma Senator Jim Lankford who, for reasons that remain a mystery, made a total ass of himself earlier today

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford said Wednesday that he will intervene if the Trump administration has not allowed President-elect Joe Biden access to presidential daily intelligence briefings by the end of the week, one of the first rights of a presidential candidate after winning the election.

“There is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that,” Lankford told radio station KRMG, noting that he sits on the Senate Oversight Committee and that he’s already started engaging on this issue.
The Oklahoma Republican said if no progress is made on the issue by Friday, he will step in and say, “This needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task.”

Srsly? He’s going to intervene? What is he going to do? Send a sternly worded note? No one in the Administration cares what he thinks because if they don’t win this political fight, they won’t be in government anyway. This was just cheap grandstanding.

Surprisingly, Chuck Grassley, who has been an absolute warrior in fighting the Russia Hoax, decided to go all surrender monkey, too. So too, Lindsey Graham.

The longest-serving Republican in the Senate has joined the call for Joe Biden to receive daily intelligence briefings, with those briefings currently withheld from the president-elect because the Trump administration refuses to acknowledge Biden’s victory in the election.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa was asked by CNN whether Biden should have access to classified briefings. “I would think – especially on classified briefings – the answer is yes,” Grassley said.

The comment came after the Republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, said that Biden’s victory should be recognized. “We need to consider the former vice-president as president-elect. Joe Biden is the president-elect,”DeWine told CNN on Thursday morning.

Even senator Lindsey Graham, a staunch Trump ally who has publicly told the president “do not concede”, agreed with the idea that Biden should get presidential-level security briefings.

“I think so,” Graham told reporters at the Capitol.

This is disturbing. We now have at least seven Republican senators who seem more than willing to concede the election before the challenges have played out and accept Biden as the winner in a fraud-filled election. This indicates that they are probably working behind the scenes with the Biden Transition Team to smooth the path for the confirmation of Biden cabinet officials and possibly to give Biden that magical “Hundred Days” that was denied to President Trump.



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