Don't Believe the SurrenderCons, the Supreme Court and a Weak Senate Majority Cannot Stop Biden-Harris's Rush to Socialism

As President Trump and his team go to the mattresses to stave off the most blatant attempt to steal a presidential election since Joe Kennedy purchased the one in 1960, SurrenderCons have been lining up to do what they do best: surrender and kowtow before any available Democrat.


Make no mistake about it. These folks writing at National Review (they actually had writers endorse Biden) and at other stump-broken and nominally conservative outlets are ecstatic to see the last of Donald Trump. But they’ve also seen the intensity of the 60+ million people who turned out to vote for President Trump, and they know they can’t say out loud what they are feeling. So they are tut-tutting; they are ignoring the industrial, Manhattan Project-like scale of the vote fraud inflicted upon the nation by Democrat politicians removing essentially all voting safeguards where they held sway (the virus hates voters, you know, but go ahead to the casino to the BLM march or break a few windows rioting, ain’t no virus there), they are looking for the Grand Coalition where right-minded Republicans can cooperate with a completely illegitimate Biden administration to accomplish Very Great Non-Partisan Things.

The current line being pushed is that a President Biden, with a weakened Speaker Pelosi, will be moderated by a GOP Senate and a conservative Supreme Court.


Let’s look at the Supreme Court, first. Americans outnumber Democrats on the Supreme Court by 6-3 (I’m being charitable in including the reliable quisling John Roberts in the majority). For now. While our side is much less endangered by the actuarial tables than the Democrats, President Biden could easily get four Supreme Court justices. If you pray, you need to send up some for the health of Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. The infinite faith in the Supreme Court ignores that the Obama regime pioneered a scheme to evade taking cases to the Supreme Court when they feared reversal. It was called “sue and settle.” They would invite a friendly “public interest” group to sue them over a certain policy and then enter into a consent decree forbidding the Potemkin policy. No, a conservative Supreme Court is, at best, a speed bump on our downhill road to Hell and socialism.


The most ridiculous idea is that the Senate will act as a restraint on Biden-Harris. It won’t.

The 2020 senate will probably be 52-58. We got rid of Doug Jones and lost, or “lost,” Gardner and McSally.

Let me digress here; getting rid of McSally is not an unalloyed evil. She was a horrible candidate who was coasting off her military record. In fact, McSally is unique in history as being the only candidate to ever, by herself, turn a state’s senate delegation totally Blue in a mere two years, losing to mini-skirted, hooker-booted Kryten Sinema in 2018, being appointed to fill the remainder of McCain’s term, and now being blown out by gun-grabbing Mark Kelly.

Do you really think a Senate with a Romney, Murkowski, Collins, or Alexander are going to do anything but beat a path to Chuck Schumer’s door to make accommodations? Do you really think the Senate Judiciary Committee is going to be any barrier whatsoever to the confirmation of Marxist and Socialist judges once the Quisling Coalition springs into action? Especially when collaborating with Biden-Harris will let them paper the walls of their lairs with laudatory press clips?

No. Absent a strong hand in the White House, the collaborationist tendencies of a few GOP senators and their gleeful willingness to sell out principle and voters for self-aggrandizement will rage uncontrolled like a Wuhan virus of failure.

The SurrenderCons are just trying to make you feel good about listening to them. Don’t. Ever. We are on the cusp of a policy disaster with all the progress made by President Trump on border security, Middle East peace, civil rights protections for school students, abortion, trade policy, and a host of other issues being sh**canned. Romney and Murkowski and Collins and Alexander are going to be upfront helping Biden-Harris do it.


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