NEW LOW: Democrat Operative Suggests Amy Coney Barrett Is Involved in Human Trafficking

As I write this, we are still a few hours away from President Trump exercising his prerogative and executing his constitutional duty by nominating a replacement for a vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Last evening, CNN broke the news that President Trump was poised to announce Amy Coney Barrett of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to fill that position (see BREAKING: CNN Reports Trump Will Nominate Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court).


It has long been suspected that Coney Barrett will be attacked over her membership in a charismatic Catholic organization. She was attacked for being a Catholic who lived her faith during her confirmation hearing to the 7th Circuit. Who can forget this incredible display of anti-Catholic bigotry on the part of California Senator Dianne “I didn’t know my chauffeur was a ChiCom spy” Feinstein?

If she merited this attack for a Circuit Court seat, then how much more so for a seat on the Supreme Court?

This tweet is by a Catholic comedian, but I suspect we will see most of these charges made at any hearing Coney Barrett attends.

We have not been surprised (READ Let the Hate Begin: Bill Maher Attacks Reported SCOTUS Pick, ‘F***ing Nut’ Amy Coney Barrett; Christian Mother of 7).

One unexpected, at least for me, attack has been that she is a mother of seven children, including two children adopted from Haiti. On Twitter, she has been demonized for dumping her kids on a nanny and for not paying for said nanny’s Social Security taxes (for the record, I’ve seen no evidence she has used a nanny, and I’m sure had she not paid the household help’s Social Security taxes it would have been noticed a couple of years ago).


All of which strikes me as somewhat strange, having reached adulthood in the era where women have been promised: “you can have it all.” And if having a nanny to care for seven children is despicable, how does it differ from having one child in daycare?

Another attack that came completely out of the blue was the attacks on her for being an adoptive parent. To me, adoptive parents are heroes. As I happen to believe we are people and not Legos in some interest group, if you take the time and money necessary to adopt a child from a less-developed nation, you are on the verge of sainthood. I have a friend who adopted two special needs children from China, and I stand in awe of the sacrifice of time and treasure and the sheer outpouring of love he and his wife represent.

Coney Barrett has been slimed on two different accounts. First, in some godless sections of our society, transracial adoption is essentially a racist act…though interracial marriage is good. Go figure. My colleague Bonchie has the info on that hit (READ Democrats Push Disgustingly Insane Amy Coney Barrett Conspiracy Theory, Attack Her Children).


A second attack is much more grotesque. A Democrat operative named Dana Houle actually accused her of engaging in human trafficking.

I don’t pretend to be an authority on Haitian adoption law, but to accuse someone, particularly a sitting Circuit Court judge and likely Supreme Court nominee, of engaging in human trafficking is a pretty low thing for a human being to do, even by the standards accepted by a party that lionizes Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.

There was substantial pushback from a lot of humans, and the Houle creature eventually made its Tweets private. We shouldn’t take much comfort from that. We’ve reached a point, as a culture, where what at one time would have been considered laudable behavior is now mocked and made into insinuations of criminality and where vices such as calumny are so mundane that they can be exercised without fear of chastisement from within one’s tribe. For instance, I didn’t see where any prominent Democrat addressed the assertion that Coney Barrett’s children were essentially stolen from their birth parents. We have moved far, far, far beyond a somewhat unbalanced Anita Hill dishing about a pubic hair on a Coke can to an era where it is acceptable simply to make up damaging allegations and launch them in a way that is ensured to be read by the target’s family, including children, and friends.


This is very much in line with what we see happening in Democrat-run cities where Antifa and BLM mobs are whipped up and unleashed on the populace for fun and profit. I suspect the people who think this is fun now aren’t going to be all that happy with how it turns out for them.


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