CDC Director Robert Redfield May Not Be Clinically Nuts but He Gives a Damned Good Imitation

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CDC Director Robert Redfield was on Capitol Hill today testifying before Senate Appropriations Committee. The subject, naturally, was the pandemic pandemonium.

This video has the crucial part.


I’m not going to comment directly about the president, but I am going to comment as the CDC director that face masks, these face masks (he brandishes a cheap surgical map probably made by Uighar slave labor), are the most important, powerful public health tool we have. And I will continue to appeal to all Americans, all individuals in our country, to embrace these face coverings. I said if we’d did it for six, eight, ten, twelve weeks, we’d bring this pandemic under control. These actually (brandishes face mask), we have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense. I might even go so far as to say this face mask (brandishes face mask) is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine.

This is idiocy.

Why do I say it is idiocy?

We are now 26 weeks into CDC’s “30 days to slow the spread” campaign. If mask-wearing had any impact at all on the spread of the virus, we would have seen it. The idea that extending mask-wearing by any period of time will have any positive impact on the spread of the disease is just numbskullery.

There are two aspects of protection allegedly provided by face masks, to the wearer, and to other people. The mask will not and cannot protect the wearer. Before Wuhan nazis foisted this bullsh** off on us, literally, no one thought a face mask prevented the wearer from becoming infected with the virus. Here is the 60 Minutes interview with Anthony Fauci when he clarifies that wearing a face mask is nothing more than a way of making someone feel safer.


LaPook, March 8: There’s a lot of confusion among people, and misinformation, surrounding face masks. Can you discuss that?

Fauci: The masks are important for someone who’s infected to prevent them from infecting someone else… Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.

LaPook: You’re sure of it? Because people are listening really closely to this.

Fauci: … There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.

LaPook: And can you get some schmutz, sort of staying inside there?

Fauci: Of course, of course. But, when you think masks, you should think of health care providers needing them and people who are ill. The people who, when you look at the films of foreign countries and you see 85% of the people wearing masks — that’s fine, that’s fine. I’m not against it. If you want to do it, that’s fine.

LaPook: But it can lead to a shortage of masks?

Fauci: Exactly, that’s the point. It could lead to a shortage of masks for the people who really need it.


Once upon a time, in a bygone era when the CDC pretended to deal with facts rather than superstition and virtue signaling, the CDC had the same opinion:


If the face mask does stop the odd infected droplet, unless you wear surgical gloves when you remove or touch the mask, you could very well end up infecting yourself (fingers touch mask, acquire the virus, and later the finger touches the eyes, mouth, or nose). But in most cases, a standard face mask cannot stop a Wuhan virus particle unless it is riding a lung biscuit someone hacked up on your face (See The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective).

This brings us to the second part of the equation. The face masks are more effective in stopping a person who is infectious from spreading the Wuhan virus than they are as a protection. And, by all means, if you are coughing up blood, etc., please wear one when you go out.

This brings us to the next point of the debate; if I don’t have Wuhan and a mask can’t protect me, then there is no logical reason to wear a mask. Aha! say the mask fetishists; you don’t know if you have the virus. Lots of people have the virus and have no symptoms. True, but irrelevant. The number of people who do not have symptoms but have a viral load sufficient to spread the virus is vanishingly small. This is Fauci at a White House press conference speaking on the subject.


Even if you accept, arguendo, that masks do something more socially significant than covering up ugly faces, you are still left with the towering idiocy of his statement that face masks will remain more important than an effective vaccine. And if it is true, then we’ve burned through billions of dollars attempting to develop a vaccine that still needs a face diaper mandate to be effective.

The best you can say about Redfield’s statement is that he’s deliberately lying to the American people to try to give them the illusion that they have personal agency, that they can take steps to make themselves immune from the virus. He could be gaslighting the public to try to extend the power and reach of the CDC. Or he could be an idiot. As someone famous said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Over the past six months, I have become convinced that we are alive today despite the best efforts of Robert Redfield and his anti-civilization goons and, to a lesser extent, an attention-grubbing and media-whoring Anthony Fauci. Sometimes I think that if the Russians or Chinese were managing our response to this virus in a way calculated to destroy lives and the US economy, what would they have inflicted upon us that the CDC has not?


These people are dangerously incompetent. We’ve seen it time and again with their response to something that is actually a public health threat (here I’m not including firearms or obesity), like the response to the 2001 anthrax attack and the Ebola scare. They are simply very, very bad at what they are paid to do, and their real agenda is imposing their policies on the nation.


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