Bill Barr Spends Most of His Interview Correcting Wolf Blitzer's Talking Points But Gets His Message Across

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Attorney General William Barr speaks during a roundtable with President Donald Trump about America’s seniors, in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, June 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Attorney General Bill Barr was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. Why he went on CNN is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the White House is working on the assumption that the CNN audience is persuadable. Regardless, for the sake of the one or two votes involved, I would have done nothing at all that might improve CNN’s ratings. Be that as it may, the interview was wide ranging. Blitzer was somewhat knowledgeable beyond Democrat talking points (so he wasn’t Chris Cuomo) and he wasn’t a drooling imbecile and didn’t grab Barr’s crotch (so he wasn’t Don Lemon).

Here are some of the highlights.

Here the the creepy Aaron Rupar being his usual stupid self:

Barr does a very good job of separating the Floyd and Blake cases. The more I read of the Floyd case, the more I’m convinced that at most one or more officers were negligent in not calling for an ambulance soon enough. Even so. Floyd was in the midst of death by overdose when arrested. The blake case is different and despite the web of lies woven by the Blake family lawyer, the evidence says Blake had a knife when shot. The police recovered a knife in a car that was not Blakes, but which he was attempting to take. The witness who shot the video said that he heard police yell, “Drop the knife.” The fact that Blitzer can’t bother to get familiar with the case beyond Blake’s attorney’s press release is quintessentially CNN.


He also has a newsworthy summary

This next clip is Barr shutting down Blitzer when Bliktzer claims there are no problems with mail-in ballots

Barr warns that a widespread use of mail-in ballots (not to be confused with absentee ballots) will cause the results of the election to not be accepted. This is something I think the Democrats are counting on.

And he talked a bit about the phantasm of election interference:


At a couple of points, I was reminded of what my daughter told me as she prepared for a high school debate, “Dad, they can study the facts all they want but they can never prepare for the bullsh** I’m going to throw at them.” That was the position that Barr found himself in on a few occasions when Wolf Blitzer just made up stuff or argued by making assertions. On the whole, a solid and forceful performance.


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