Failed Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Wants Trump To Stay Away From Kenosha but the Citizens Don't

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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers speaks with the media at an event Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, in Madison, Wis. Evers says he wants the Legislature to pass a pair of gun safety bills and has concerns with cutting taxes as Republicans have proposed as he detailed his priorities for the fall session speaking at an event organized by (AP Photo/Scott Bauer)

Yesterday, President Trump announced that he was heading to Kenosha, WI, to rub Democrats nose in the devastation wrought by their pet band of thugs, Antifa. He didn’t say he was going to rub their noses in it, but it does have that look. Kenosha narrowly voted for Trump in 2016 and, in the aftermath of this Democrat-inspired riot over a fraudulent claim of police brutality. Wisconsin is going to be a key battleground, again, in November. His visit will contrast two images: the smoking rubble left after the Democrat base voters got done and the welcome he’s sure to receive.

Though the Democrats are trying to label the Democrat-led and -inspired riots as “Trump’s America,” you have to be spectacularly uninformed or a CNN reporter to not see that the riots have three things in common: the are in Democrat-run states, they are in Democrat-run cities, and the mayors of those cites coddle and assist Antifa.

When in was announced that President Trump was visiting Kenosha, failed Wisconsin governor and Antifa fanboi Tony Evers immediately demanded that President Trump cancel his plans (READ Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Begging Trump To Not Visit Kenosha Is the Best Indication of How Scared the Democrats Are of Being Held Accountable). Trump didn’t respond to the letter but one would suspect that it will not carry very much weight in the decision-making process. Now there is even less of a chance that anyone will care what Evers wants.


The letter from Evers had barely been read in the White House when members of the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors, these would be the elected officials closest to those affected by the rioting and mayhem, sent their own letter to President Trump telling him that they welcomed his visit:

President Trump should visit Kenosha. He should highlight his assistance to Kenosha against Evers’s assistance to Antifa. He should point out that the rioting getting out of control was the product of a decision made to order the police to pull back and let the rioters have their way. It promises to be an epic event.




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