Why Wearing Masks is Nothing But a Political Statement in One Short Video

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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden wears a face mask to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus as he and Jill Biden depart after placing a wreath at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Veterans Memorial Park, Monday, May 25, 2020, in New Castle, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

For about six months, the country has been beset by Karens of all shapes and sizes hectoring us about wearing face masks. This has become nothing more than a political Rohrschach test. There as much evidence, literally, showing that masks to harm as there is showing that they do good. Basic logic tells you that if you can breathe out, you can expel virus-laden moisture. Math tells you the diameter of the virus is orders of magnitude smaller than the smallest opening between mask fibers. This is very much like wearing the red ribbon when AIDS was a huge deal, and we were supposed to believe that you can have an epidemic without having casual transmission of a virus (sorry, in most areas of the world’s landmass outside a San Francisco bathhouse, butt sex is not considered “casual”). Right thinking people wore the lapel ribbon to show their solidarity with the suffering. Now we have additional proof that wearing masks has little to no medical value and is all about making people buy into the virus scaremongering.

Today on the little-watched and never-noticed Anderson Cooper program, Cooper was talking to a Dr. Rob Davidson, who styles himself “Dr. Rob.”

COOPER Let’s talk about that with Dr. Rob Davidson. He’s an emergency room physician, the executive director of the Committee to Protect Medicare. Doctor, I’m wondering what you thought of the scene at the White House where there weren’t many masks, also to point out the protest today, a lot of people wearing masks not social distancing though, obviously not uh not what it should be.


DAVIDSON Yeah, I was very concerned about the White House event last night; people packed shoulder-to-shoulder; the head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force in attendance without a mask, with his family his elderly mother without a Mask. And it’s concerning. We know people weren’t tested. Only people in direct contact with President Trump had testing done. So I think we’re going to see cases come out of that and it’s just modeling bad behavior. Now when we juxtapose that to what’s happening in Washington dc, right now, people are mostly wearing masks. Now, true, there are social distancing issues. However, this is a public health crisis. They are marching against systemic racism has taken so many lives in this country throughout our history. If you’re born black in this country in, you have a three and a half year lower life expectancy than if you’re born white. If you’re a young black man, you have a one in one thousand chance of being shot by police three times more than if you’re born White. So I think that when you’re marching against a public health emergency, I just think you do every risk mitigation procedure you can but we understand that we have to do the risk-benefit analysis and those folks are there doing something very important today.


Just some minor points here that illustrate the extent to which people who call themselves doctors are willing to gaslight you in order to push an agenda.

First, his numbers on police shootings are absolute bullsh**. They are so wrong that calling them wrong is a disservice to mere wrongness. Dr. Rob is either a malicious liar willing do deceive a credulous Anderson Cooper audience to advance a political agenda or he’s a slobbering moron who can’t be allowed to handle anything sharper than a basketball. There is no middle ground.

Oh, okay, that explains it:

Second, though he’s right about risk assessment, he forgets who gets to make that judgment. We do. It is our risk. A virus doesn’t care if it is transmitted during a righteous event or a reprehensible event. The people attending the event get to make that choice. Going to President Trump’s nomination speech was a historic event. Hanging out with a bunch of shiftless Trotskyite wannabes listening to a collection of PPV grifters talk about how tough life is, is not historic.


I feel very much about face masks like the late fighter pilot and MilBlogger Carroll LeFon, aka Neptunus Lex, felt about the backseater in an F-14. “Every fighter pilot,” he wrote, “who needs a backseater should be allowed to have one.” If you need a mask to make it through the day without wetting yourself, well, by all means wear it, Scooter. Just don’t expect me to go along with your fantasy. And if me not having a mask disturbs you, stay six f***ing feet away and we’ll both be happy. If me not wearing a mask is killing you, then why aren’t you dead yet?


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