The Men Shot in Kenosha Were Convicted Criminals Who Were Shot While Acting Like Criminals

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Kenosha riot

Tuesday night, the free-for-all of looting and general criminality visited upon Kenosha, WI, by Antifa street thugs came to an abrupt halt as a violent confrontation between a single “militia” member attempting to prevent property damage ended with three Antifa shot, two fatally.


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What struck me as particularly strange was the total absence of information forthcoming on the identities of the dead and wounded men who had been recorded on video chasing down 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, beating him in the street and, in one case, brandishing a pistol at him. If you recall, when Antifa thug and LARPer Garrett Foster pointed his firearm at a driver and was shot for his stupidity, we were inundated with stories of what kind of a great husband and friend he was (read The Left Is Trying to Create Their Own Horst Wessel but They Just Aren’t Good Enough). One would have thought for sure with three of the goons the worse for wear that one of them was a hairy, unwashed, Wisconsin version of Mother Teresa.


An attempt was made for one of them, but it seemed to fizzle.

And by “protect others,” they, of course, mean “chase an armed man down the street and beat him with your skateboard.”

Now more information has emerged, and it pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the kind of people who take to the street to commit mindless acts of arson, vandalism, and violence.

First up, Joseph Rosenbaum, a registered sex offender with some obvious anger issues. He’s the guy who threw what, on video, looked like a Molotov cocktail at Rittenhouse but which seems to have “only” been a brick in a plastic bag.


Next is Anthony Huber, aka “Skateboard Guy.” He’s the one caught on video beating a prostrate Rittenhouse with a skateboard. I also think he’s the same one caught delivering a roundhouse kick to Rittenhouse while he was down.

True to form, he was a convicted felon with a history of violence.

Finally, we have Gaige “Lefty” Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz has a pistol in his hand during the confrontation and was shot in the arm. Ironically, he was LARPing as a medic. He was a convicted felon (burglary) — some of the terror sympathizers are claiming his convictions for burglary was merely a misdemeanor, but that remains to be seen — and is not allowed to possess any weapon but appears to have been carrying a concealed semiautomatic pistol. He’s also a member of the anarchist group “People’s Revolution Movement.”


What the shootings boil down to is this. We can criticize Rittenhouse’s judgment for a) coming to Kenosha and b) getting himself isolated from compatriots and putting himself in a position where shooting was his only option. We don’t have to think that he was some exemplar of civic duty for his enlistment in what amounted to a vigilante group. But we have to keep in mind that the people he put down were men with criminal records who were acting very much like we expect violent felons to act. They weren’t heroes. They weren’t victims. They made a conscious decision to attack a man with a gun, and they got shot. That’s the end of the story.


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