CNN Staff Lose Their Crap as Nick Sandmann Speaks at the RNC Convention

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Nick Sandmann speaks during the Republican National Convention. (c

Last night, on Night 2 of the Republican convention, there was an epic lineup of guests and events. But one of the most significant was Nick Sandmann. Sandmann, if you recall, was part of a youth group from Covington (KY) Catholic High School that was in Washington, DC, for the 2019 March for Life. While there, he was harassed by a Stolen Valor fraud who moonlights as some kind of drifting pagan shaman when he’s not bilking credulous and guilt-ridden leftists out of their trust-fund money. The media, including some here at RedState and some prominent conservatives, immediately accused Sandmann and his classmates of demeaning the fake Vietnam veteran.


Since that time, Sandmann has undertaken a campaign to clear his name. Attorneys acting on his behalf have forced settlements from the Washington Post and CNN for the false and abusive coverage they provided of the event and the way they singled a solitary young man out for bullying masquerading as news and commentary.

While I’m not privy to the strategy behind the selection of speakers, the primary purpose of Sandmann seemed to be a) to slam the whole social media “cancel culture” used by the left to try to enforce speech- and thought-codes upon the rest of the country and b) to encourage Trump supporters to stand up and be counted (skip to the end for the message).

Sandmann’s presence infuriated the left. One of the most ridiculous claims, made naturally by the Huffington Post was that Sandmann was a creation of right media.


This is just balderdash. The only reason Nick Sandmann became a national feature is because alleged journalists arrived at a tacit agreement that maligning a high school kid in a MAGA hat would hurt Trump and help push the narrative that Trump’s supporters are all the crudest form of bigots. We know about Sandmann because of the failure of journalism and not because of any effort to raise his profile on the right.

CNN, though, showed just how deeply Sandmann taking their lunch money has hurt their feelings. This is the fat, bloated “political analyst” Joe Lockhart.

One of the most bizarre attacks on Sandmann, though, came from some pathetic little fellow named Jeff Yang, who bills himself as an opinion writer for CNN. I must confess to having been pleasantly unaware of his existence until last night.


Just a quick review here for the benefit of Yang, who seems to have a twisted view of how civilized people behave. Phillips, the Stolen Valor fraud, was the aggressor. The video shows he deliberately targets the Covington Catholic High School group. The footage was used by what can only be called the “radical left” and the NeverTrump right to demonize Sandmann and his classmates. The only person owed an apology or deserving of being extended a “branch of peace” is Sandmann. To date, Phillips has avoided admitting his central role in this shameful and contrived affair.

Two things were made abundantly clear by this episode. First, CNN is smarting over having to shell out a significant amount of money to Sandmann because of the shabby and vicious brand of journalism practiced there. Second, Nick Sandmann is a much bigger man (morally, not in terms of tonnage) than Joe Lockhart, and most CNN staff will ever be.



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