Susan Rice and Retired General Russel Honore Conspire to Make Themselves Look Dumb as Dirt

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New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, left, and Lt. Gen. Russel Honore salute the crowd as they march from the New Orleans Convention Center to the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans Tuesday afternoon Aug. 29, 2006. When civilian officials couldn’t get a grip on Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, it was Lt. Gen. Russel Honore who took charge, leading federal troops to help rescue thousands still stranded in New Orleans days after the storm. The cigar-chomping three-star general, whose leadership in the drowning city earned him the praise of even the government’s harshest critics, has since settled back to his chief duty: Training National Guard and Reserve soldiers for their deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Back during Hurricane Katrina, US Army Lieutenant General Russel Honore became something of a folk hero. After days of video of scenes of devastation and stories of massive ineptitude on the part of the Bush Administration (but never a mention of the criminal incompetence of the most corrupt city government in the nation), Honore was appointed to lead a revitalized response effort and blazed onto the scene bringing with him decisive leadership and a folksy personality wrapped up in a coon-ass accent.

Rumored to be a Republican, since President Trump has been elected, Honore has been at the forefront of accusing him of racism and all manner of other nonsense. His nonsense hit a peak last week when he accused the Trump Administration of hiring a private military contractor called ZTI to confront the anarchist insurrection in Portland.

This was amplified by Susan Rice, perhaps in an attempt to add to her record of telling bald-faced lies to the American people:

There is a story that I can’t confirm that Jeh Johnson proved that he was just as dumb as you thought he was:


And with this we had a stampede of left lemmings.

There is a lot less to the story than meets the eye. The ZTI patch is actually a ZT1 which is the identifier for officer. This alpha-numeric patch is used in Tier One special operations forces to permit the identification of individuals on a team when their faces are obscured and when you wouldn’t want your real name revealed. The threat to these officers and their families from being doxed by Antifa is very real. It is easy to prove. The BORTAC officer in the foreground has a patch with Z23 on his helmet.

It is hard to believe that a general officer is so out of touch with even some very, very basic stuff that he’d make that mistake. The evidence indicates that Honore was deliberately trying to start a media outcry by using his reputation and resume to make a knowingly false claim. I think we are all beyond the point of thinking that Susan Rice is intelligent. She’s a ruthless and effective political in-fighter but she doesn’t seem to know her ass from a hot rock and has no identifiable desire to fix that problem.


What the incident points to is a craven and callous willingness of our “elites” to tell blatant lies to aid the anarchist violence in Portland and other cities and to hinder the ability of the government to respond. One has to wonder who is paying their AmEx bill to convince them to do this.


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