Vox Writer Compares Tea Party Rallies to the Portland Antifa Goons

For the past five weeks, Portland, OR, has been the scene of nightly violent attacks of federal facilities there. The Portland Police, for whatever reason, are reluctant to actually impose the rule of law and so it has been left to a small number of federal law enforcement officers to protect US property there. The effectiveness of the federal response can be measured in the volume of the howls coming from the official sponsors of the violent domestic terrorist movement that has named itself Antifa.


(See Portland’s Mayor Tries to Blame Trump for Riots, Gets Fact-Checked In Real Time and Portland Antifa Tries to Wreak Havoc Again, Gets an Assist From Conspiracy-Spreading Dems and Media. Read ACLU Sues Homeland Security Over the ‘Cuff-‘Em-and-Stuff-‘Em’ Policy for Antifa Goons in Portland for some great video of these nasty little black-clad fascists getting their just deserts.)

Into the midst of this story, comes Vox superstar Zach Beauchamp with his foray into whataboutism.

When last we saw young Mr. Beauchamp, he was busily beclowning himself…something that I understand Vox writers are under a contractual obligation to do…writing “11 crucial facts to understand the Israel-Gaza crisis.” In the article, Beauchamp attempts to explain to whatever morons actually read Vox to learn something:

As you can see on the above map, Gaza is separate from the other major Palestinian population center — the big green blob to the east of Israel, the West Bank. They’re connected only by a bridge that Israel limits traffic on.

With Vox firing 72 so-called staffers (learn to f***ing code, baby), Beauchamp seems to have figured if he didn’t up his level of idiocy that he would join them.


Where Beauchamp loses it, of course, is that the Tea Party did not have violent demonstrations. They didn’t attack federal buildings or federal officers and, if they had, they would have forfeited the support of sane people everywhere. This is what the biggest Tea Party rally, the Restoring Honor rally on the National Mall in 2010, looked like:

Where he also goes astray is ignoring that Obama did unleash the federal government on the Tea Party by using the IRS to harass Tea Party groups and by using the propaganda machine the Obama White House had created from the supposedly apolitical federal public affairs officers to disparage and slander the Tea Party movement.


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