Washington Post Declares That Vigilante Mobs Can Be So Very, Very Progressive

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Just up front, let me state that I really don’t care what is going on in Seattle. The people of coastal Washington and the people of Seattle have repeatedly voted for the kind of government that has resulted in not only a mob of hooligans taking over a section of downtown Seattle but that same government cheering them on.


Contrary to the happy-talk by Seattle’s mayor Jenny Durkan, what you have going on in the CHAZ is not a ‘block party’

In fact, from the reports, it is much closer the ‘Hamsterdam’ from Season 3 of The Wire than it is to any block party you’ve ever been to.

We know, for instance, that rapes and robberies are being reported to the police and not being acted upon because it is the policy of the City of Seattle that this area not be policed.  Well, it is policed by a hip-hop artist who goes by the name of Raz and who will beat your ass for putting graffiti on buildings…but only in the most loving way:

and supply you with military-style firearms;


A Seattle police official reported widespread extortion of business owners to pay for ‘expenses,’ only to have the powers-that-be decide they didn’t like that. The police department was forced to walk that statement back by clarifying that it had received no ‘formal’ complaints of extortion. I suspect this has more to do with the police not answering calls in the CHAZ rather than an absence of extortion, but, as I said in the opening, they voted for these people, they’ve kept them in power and it is only fair that they should be rewarded for their loyalty by being allowed to experience this utopia.


READ Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Gets a Warlord and He’s Doing What the Cops Should’ve Done  for details.

Lest some twit at NBC decide to peruse our comments to try to deplatform us for reporting on stuff the utterly corrupt NBC News department will not, this is how the head of the Seattle police union described it:

To the average person the chaos and open criminality would speak to the need for intervention by someone who has been elected to keep people safe. But such a normal person would not be employed by the Washington Post. For instance, This Seattle protest zone is police-free. So volunteers are stepping up to provide security. They are breaking up fights, stopping vandalism and trying to get residents help.

Antonio Ochoa has no formal security training. But around 3 a.m. on recent Saturday, they were called to help defuse the situation unfolding on a street corner. A man had been yelling, and he began punctuating his anger by knocking over a metal trash can.

Ochoa, who is white and uses they/them pronouns, did not engage the man, who is black, directly. Instead, they began picking up trash, while giving the man space. He quickly turned apologetic and offered to help clean up.

For the past several days, Ochoa, 28, has been serving as an unarmed volunteer “sentinel,” or guard, in the protest zone. Ochoa, a self-described leftist libertarian recently furloughed from the Seattle International Film Festival, and other volunteers have been serving four-hour shifts to help to keep the peace.


Make no mistake about it, what the Post is doing here is a) whitewashing condtions inside CHAZ and b) extolling the virtues of vigilantism over the rule of law.

Core to the zone is a vision of a self-governed community with no formal policing. Instead, volunteers, many of them avowed police abolitionists, have begun to organize their own safety force.

Among other incidents, these volunteers have confronted a man throwing apples and threatening punches, a car driving toward a large crowd of pedestrians and a vehicle circling the block repeatedly and taking photos. Volunteers say they have engaged with armed visitors from outside the city who came to the zone convinced that Seattle needed saving from left-wing agitators.

They have defused fights, protected store windows from vandals and handled mental-health crises. Protesters rushed to douse the flames when a lone arsonist attempted to set fire to the precinct early Friday. The director of an LGBTQ resource center publicly thanked sentinels from the protest zone Sunday for their assistance watching over a broken window until plywood arrived, attributing the incident to a mental-health or drug-addiction issue with a person who regularly sleeps in the center’s doorway.
Then there is this bit of idiocy:

The model does have its challenges. On Saturday, dozens of people surrounded a fire-and-brimstone street preacher who regularly disrupts local protests with in-your-face threats of eternal damnation.

When efforts to escort him out peacefully failed, someone dragged him on the ground. One person briefly put him in a chokehold while others blocked attempts to film the incident with their phones.

This is what actually happened:

And here you can see some the ‘sentinels’ in action in the aftermath

Note that two of their accomplishments are trying to keep someone from taking photographs and trying to expel someone for being a Christian.

Ironically, as someone on Reddit pointed out, what they are creating here is a white upper-middle class ethno-state based on xenophobia and a disregard for human rights…pretty much what they’ve accused Trump of doing.

Eventually, this is going to collapse under the weight of its own evil. It survives because the people inside have the resources to buy food and supplies from outside the CHAZ. For a lot of them, that wherewithal is coming to an end. What apparently has no limits is the ability of our major national media to shill for anarchism so long as the right people are leading the charge against civilization and the rule of law.






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