Trump Campaign Hammers Joe Biden Over Racist Statement and the Left Fears They Have Lost Control of the Narrative

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FILE – In this combination of file photos, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del., on March 12, 2020, left, and President Donald Trump speaks at the White House in Washington on April 5, 2020. The level of inconsistency and chaos surrounding Trump’s coronavirus response is reaching new heights, as Democrats show new signs of unifying behind presumptive presidential nominee Biden. (AP Photo, File)

Yesterday, I posted on the endemic defeatism we see on the Vichy wing of the Republican party and conservative movement.

On Friday, Joe Biden gave an interview on the popular black-oriented radio show “Breakfast Club.” The host is Lenard McKelvey who goes by the name Charlamagne tha God. To say it didn’t go well is like saying the Titanic was a bit late for its New York arrival.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

There is a ton of stuff wrong with this starting with Biden trying show how ‘down with the movement’ he is by using ‘ain’t’…a word he doesn’t use. But the idea that black votes are the unique possession of the Democrat party and that a person’s actual racial identity is suspect if they vote for a Republican for president is simply grotesque.  And yet there were those who immediately jumped to Biden’s defense. Not overtly but using the tired Vichy Republican ideas of ‘we can’t win, so let’s surrender’ and ‘we are just as bad as they are so we can’t criticize them.’


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Not everyone was happy with the post, but to take a quote from the movie Ronin:

Spence : You ever kill anybody?

Sam : I hurt somebody’s feelings once.

Fortunately, the Trump campaign does not take advice from people who have already given up and are fully prepared, if not anxious, to accept a Biden presidency. They have been hammering the issue with ads like this:

and to make the point that this is not a one-time sundowner Joe event, but a part of his persona they’ve recycled the epic ‘Indian accent’ episode

Far from the media ignoring it, they’ve covered it. Not always well. Sometimes, like in the case of CNN, they outright lie about it (see Jonathan Turley Exposes CNN’s Selective Editing of Joe Biden’s Racism and Lies).

This is hurting Biden and the leftwing press knows it. This thread starts off with Politico magazine contributing editor David Freedlander sniveling about the unfairness of it all in response to this tweet


Brian Beutler, who started out writing at the group blog Salon and has slid all the way to something called Crooked Media (he should probably learn to code, had a good cry, too

Think about it. Here we have an least one significant media figure complaining about the amount of coverage that the ‘you ain’t black’ comment is getting. We have another fringe figure complaining that the media are being bullied into covering the story presumably because the Trump campaign is making an significant fuss about it. I will note, for the record, that if you visit the front page of what purports to be one of the major right-tilting or inclining media outlets in the country, there is not a whisper of this story to be found.

This shows the extent to which the failure of the mainstream to cover a story is simply a function of laziness, lack of ambition, if not actual complicity on the part of conservative media. The fear of saying something  that will offend the left permeates that class of conservative(ish) pundits and journalist wannabes who know that if they want to make that big jump to the ‘real’ media or land a contributor slot on CNN or MSNBC they have to play to lose. Time an again the real progress made in moving the ball forward, whether it be deconstructing the Covington Kids narrative, to the non-plagiarized investigation of Ilhan Oman, to the expose of California Democrat Katie Hill that ultimately forced her from office, is done by conservatives who happen to be journalists, not by journalists trying to use a gig at a conservative publication as a springboard to something bigger.


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