Joe Biden Claims That Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine Is Just Like Injecting Clorox In Your Veins

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden makes a point during a Democratic presidential primary debate, Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, hosted by ABC News, Apple News, and WMUR-TV at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

If you ever thought that the assertion that Joe Biden is suffering from the onset of dementia was just a slur directed at a doddering old man, you can put that concern to bed.

As basically everyone knows, President Trump’s doctor has announced that President Trump is taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis.

The uproar has been hilarious. Media personalities as varied as Neil Cavuto (who used to pass for sane and lucid before Trump broke him) to Joe Scarborough have all proclaimed that one of the most widely prescribed anti-virals in the world will kill you. I don’t fully understand the media hysteria over this drug. It is safe and effective against malaria and thousands of doctors are using it to treat Wuhan virus victims. It either works or it doesn’t. The fact that no one has “approved” it for use is just so much horse sh**. Doctors prescribe drugs for indications for which the drug has never been approved all the time, it is called ‘off label’ use.

Suffice it to say a lot really stupid and pig ignorant stuff has been said on the subject, but it had mostly died down until Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins, sorry, I mean Joe Biden waded in. The forum was a Yahoo Town Hall (wtf? those actually exist? people watch them?) with celebrity chef and anti-hunger activist Jose Andres (wha…, oh, well, at least he wasn’t lolling naked in a bathtub full of Cheerios, so there is that).


Here’s the quote:

It’s like saying maybe if you inject Clorox into your blood it may cure you. C’mon, man! What is he doing? What in God’s name is he doing?

This is sort of something out of the Truth Over Facts principle that Biden has said guides him.

If what Trump is doing is the equivalent of injecting Clorox, then Trump is superhuman. But if hydroxychloroquine is a drug that has been used for 65 years by millions of people, then Biden is seriously deranged.

Even the meta-point Biden tried to make is profoundly stupid. You can only get the drug by prescription. No matter how irresponsible you think Trump is…or no matter how much you want the drug yourself…unless your doctor goes along with it, it is irrelevant. And if your doctor does go along with it, what that tells you is that he doesn’t feel he’s risking either a malpractice lawsuit or his medical license.

Every day that goes by, Biden increasingly exhibits all the classic symptoms of someone on the cusp of waking up one day and not knowing how to put their pants on. The only reason that Biden’s campaign is still alive is that he has been in hiding for two months and everyone has been fixated on a virus to the extent of wearing what frequently look like thongs over their faces for protection. When the stupid from the Wuhan virus fades away and Joe Biden can no longer hide out while presiding over the wildly popular Yahoo Town Hall circuit, he is going to scare more people than this virus ever did.



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