The American Spirit Is Rejuvenated as Several Pennsylvania Counties Refuse to Obey the Governor's Arbitrary Lock Down Rules

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Protesters demonstrate at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., Monday, April 20, 2020, demanding that Gov. Tom Wolf reopen Pennsylvania’s economy even as new social-distancing mandates took effect at stores and other commercial buildings. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Rebellion and freedom are on the rise in Pennsylvania.

Last week, Pennsylvania Governor and Gauleiter wannabe Tom Wolf announced a plan for allowing Pennsylvanians to get on with their lives. Since mid-March, Pennsylvania has been under a “stay at home” order. Not content to merely screw with everyone, he established a Rube-Goldberg system of color coding counties by what activities the serfs would be allowed to partake in.


Last week, he deigned to allow 24 counties in the Pennsyltucky heartland

(Let me give a shoutout to my good friend Mike riding out the storm at his 38-acre ‘shooting preserve’ in Potter County, swilling Russian Imperial Stout and watching the Amish guys say f***-you to social distancing orders.)


While granting limited human rights to those counties, Wolf could resist reminding everyone who was actually running their lives.  In a most Marie Antoinette kind of way, Wolf kept Western Pennsylvania under lockdown because f*** it he could.

As hard as it is to believe, the state has not only not set at timeline to move to Green, it hasn’t even defined what could possibly trigger than move heavily implying the answer is nothing can ever move the state to Green.

Yesterday, the Governor extended his beneficence to Western Pennsylvania

Whoops…except Beaver County. Why would that be? An aversion to risque names (my own ancestors owned land in the mid-1700s along a strangely named waterway in Lunenburg County, VA, now called Modesty Creek? Nope. Beaver County’s stats were skewed by some nursing home deaths and because of that the entire county was declared unfit to resume life. And maybe a bit of raw politics:


The county leadership, fortunately, is composed of sturdier stock that the people who rant on Twitter about the value of that strongly and deeply held conservative principle of just shutting up and doing whatever the hell your betters tell you to and decided to not play.

The county announced that it was moving itself to “Yellow” category and the County Attorney has announced that he will not prosecute anyone for violating the order.

In short order, two other counties joined the revolt, Dauphin (humiliatingly, the home of Pennsylvania’s bankrupt state capital)


and Lebanon

And then others joined in:

The governor is counselling caution but if the county authorities refuse to enforce this stupidity, then Wolf and his health expert politburo are pretty much without options short of declaring an insurrection and calling out the National Guard. And if he doesn’t have the political clout to make his order stick, it isn’t hard to see the entire silly color-coded and cookie-cutter regime totally disintegrate.

This is what needs to happen nationwide. This asinine strategy of shutting down and staying hid does absolutely nothing to mitigate the virus (as about 90% of the people getting it don’t get symptoms, you can reasonably ask what in the hell are we doing this for?), it is causing extra deaths from heart attacks and strokes and the delay of surgery, and dialysis, and chemotherapy by people who have been terrorized by the sensationalist and irresponsible reporting on the crisis. It needs to happen within states that have a system like Pennsylvania that doesn’t seem to be based on anything that could be remotely called sane


And it needs to happen at state level by governors with the stones (like FL, GA, and TX) to stand up and say enough is enough, we’re done playing this silly game.



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