100,000 Body Bags, Mega Deaths Yet to Come, Mutant Viruses on the Horizon, and Other Fears Being Mongered to Keep the Country Locked Down

Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti via AP, File
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FILE – This Wednesday, April 1, 2020 file photo from a live stream video provided by the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti shows Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti wearing a protective face mask during his daily coronavirus news conference in Los Angeles. Garcetti is currently conducting all briefings and interviews remotely. On Monday, April 6, 2020 Garcetti discussed the COVID-19 outbreak in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. Garcetti is encouraged by a slowing rate of corornavirus infections but the city is preparing for potentially tougher restrictions if the numbers take a turn for the worse. (Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti via AP, File)

Despite all the data showing that the threat, such as it ever was, of Wuhan virus receding, there is a substantial constituency that is struggling mightily to impose a longer lockdown on a nation that is already teetering on the brink of economic collapse.

This is a sampling of what is out there.

100,000 Body Bags

The federal government placed orders for well over 100,000 new body bags to hold victims of COVID-19 in April, according to internal administration documents obtained by NBC News, as well as public records. The biggest set was earmarked for purchase the day after President Donald Trump projected that the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus might not exceed 50,000 or 60,000 people.

That batch is a pending $5.1 million purchase order placed by the Department of Homeland Security on April 21 with E.M. Oil Transport Inc. of Montebello, California, which advertises construction vehicles, building materials and electronics on its website. The “human remains pouches” have not been paid for or shipped to the Federal Emergency Management Agency yet, according to the company’s marketing manager, Mike Pryor.

“I hope to God that they don’t need my order and that they cancel it,” Pryor said in a text message exchange with NBC News.

Body bag contracts bid by Homeland Security and the Veterans Affairs Department are just one illustration of how Trump’s sunny confidence about the nation’s readiness to reopen is in conflict with the views of officials in his own administration who are quietly preparing for a far worse outcome.

Around the same time it wrote the contract for the body bags, FEMA opened up bidding to provide about 200 rented refrigerated trailers for locations around the country. The request for proposals specifies a preference for 53-foot trailers, which, at 3,600 cubic feet, are the largest in their class.


If you were alive during the Gulf War or during the beginning of the Iraq War, you read the exact same headline. If you read carefully, you’ll see that the bags haven’t been purchased. And you know what? If they are purchased, they will be going to FEMA’s emergency stockpile. Why? Because the number of deaths from Wuhan virus is actually quite small and definitely not so large that it requires the federal government to step in and furnish body bags for people dropping dead in the streets.

Models Predict Megadeaths Yet to Come

Using the earlier models that precipitated this crisis, we should all be dead by now. We aren’t. In fact, very few people have died from Wuhan virus and of those deaths, virtually all of the victims were severely health compromised. My suspicion is that before this is over, more people will die or suffer permanent quality of life degradation because they had to put off ‘elective’ treatments, like for heart disease, or were so afraid of the Wuhan virus that they died at home of a heart attack or stroke, or because they put off dialysis or chemotherapy for fear of catching Chinese Lung AIDS than die of the virus. But that doesn’t mean the modelers still aren’t at work.

As President Trump presses for states to reopen their economies, his administration is privately projecting a steady rise in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths over the next several weeks. The daily death toll will reach about 3,000 on June 1, according to an internal document obtained by The New York Times, a 70 percent increase from the current number of about 1,750.

The projections, based on government modeling pulled together by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, forecast about 200,000 new cases each day by the end of the month, up from about 25,000 cases a day currently.

The numbers underscore a sobering reality: The United States has been hunkered down for the past seven weeks to try slowing the spread of the virus, but reopening the economy will make matters worse.


Two points here. One: the modelers are geeks who were anonymous six months ago and now they get White House attention. They like the attention. Their numbers don’t have to be accurate but they have to be sensational. Two: of course the death numbers are going to climb because deaths from unknown natural causes are being attributed to Wuhan virus. On one day, New York dumped 3700 previous fatalities into the Wuhan victim category with zero medical evidence to back up the claim. Why? There is money riding on high Wuhan death numbers and there is no downside to lying. If you look at the hotbeds of deaths they are Democrat states with budget problems.

And if we are learning to live with Wuhan, well there is Super-Wuhan

Mutant Coronavirus Is Spreading

Scientists have identified a new strain of the coronavirus that has become dominant worldwide and appears to be more contagious than the versions that spread in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study led by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The new strain appeared in February in Europe, migrated quickly to the East Coast of the United States and has been the dominant strain across the world since mid-March, the scientists wrote.

In addition to spreading faster, it may make people vulnerable to a second infection after a first bout with the disease, the report warned.

Scientists with major organizations working on a vaccine or drugs to combat the coronavirus have told The Times that they are pinning their hopes on initial evidence that the virus is stable and not likely to mutate the way the influenza virus does, requiring a new vaccine every year. The Los Alamos report could upend that assumption.

The mutation identified in the new report affects the now-infamous spikes on the exterior of the coronavirus, which allow it to enter human respiratory cells. The report’s authors said they felt an “urgent need for an early warning” so that vaccines and drugs under development around the world will be effective against the mutated strain.

In many places where the new strain appeared, it quickly infected far more people than the earlier strains that came out of Wuhan, China, and within weeks it was the only strain that was prevalent in some nations, according to the report. The new strain’s dominance over its predecessors suggests that it is more infectious, according to the report, though exactly why is not yet known.


What’s this about? It is about making lockdowns and ‘social distancing’ a part of our lives. If this newer more virulent strain is a fact (and not just a way of explaining why New York and New Jersey have exponentially more death attributed to Wuhan than California and Washington without commenting on the obvious: fraudulent numbers from New York and New Jersey), then the much-ballyhooed vaccines now under development will not be terribly effective. And if the virus can mutate this fast and the mutation is stronger rather than weaker than the original, then the clear implication is that it can mutate again and the new strain will be even more potent. The policy impact of no vaccine and successive waves of a progressively stronger virus is that you’d better get used to living just as you are.

One would think that if there were a single cause most of the nation could rally around, it would be getting this country open and back to work especially as it has been conclusively demonstrated that 90+% of the country is at zero risk from this bug. But that is not the case. There is an unholy alliance of lefties (who see this as a way of overthrowing capitalism and putting everyone on a guaranteed minimum income and who see this as the Green New Deal come true), the media (who loathe Trump and who want to do what Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller failed to do), and our own particular breed of petty totalitarians, our homegrown Gauleiters, who want to use a bogus public health crisis as a way of stomping on civil liberties and Constitutional rights.


These people don’t care about you or your family. Whether you live or die is immaterial to them. They are using this virus to push agendas. They won’t willingly let go of these scare tactics ever because they have learned how effective they are, and to keep this fear alive and potent, they have to constantly feed it with more deceptions, more half-truths, and more outright lies.




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