MSNBC Legal Analyst Claims President Trump Could Be Charged With Murder Over Handling of Chinese Wuhan Virus

Carolyn Kaster

Lead prosecutor Glen Kirschner talks to media D.C. Superior Court in Washington, Tuesday, June 29, 2010, after Judge Lynn Leibovitz found three defendants not guilty of obstructing justice in the murder investigation of 32-year-old lawyer Robert Wone, of Oakton, Va.. (Photo by Carolyn Kaster)


One of the few things this Wuhan virus panic has been good for is getting us all a nice close look at what constitutes #Resistance–leftist and NeverTrump alike–self-pleasuring material. As with so much else that has been thrown at President Trump, the allegations of misfeasance and malfeasance melt away under any scrutiny. No, President Trump didn’t disband the NSC’s capability to deal with pandemics. No President Trump didn’t cause the delay in developing a US test kit. Yes, President Trump has removed bureaucratic impediments to approval of testing devices. Yes, the US has produced a vaccine ready for Phase I clinical trials in stunning, record-breaking 45-days from concept to first test. Now we have a new claim. Donald Trump is a murderer.

After reading this, I count myself fortunate to not being able to pick an assclown called Glenn Kirschner out of a two-man line up. His Twitter bio ensures us that he is, as Elizabeth Warren’s grandmother might say, a ‘heap big important man.’ He’s an MSNBC legal analyst, which is sort of like being a national security or counter-terrorism analyst on CNN but with less hair. I don’t know him, but I know the archetype. A lot of us do.

Hey All. Can we talk about 1 of the few topics I may actually know too much about: homicide? Specifically, whether Donald Trump may have criminal exposure for some level of negligent homicide or voluntary/involuntary manslaughter for the way he’s mishandled the Coronavirus crisis 
I spent 22 of my 30 years as a federal prosecutor handling murder cases in Washington, DC. I served as Chief of the Homicide Section at the DC US Attorney’s Office, overseeing all murder prosecutions in the city. I was always on the lookout for novel ways to apply homicide … 
liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable those who were responsible for taking the life of a fellow human being. I think it’s fair to observe that there’s nothing more devestating to a family then losing a loved one to ether violent crime or to … 
an illness that could have been prevented or mitigated. I’m trying to assimilate all available evidence (rapidly developing and being reported every day) to fairly assess whether Trump and his administration may have acted/failed to act in a way that could give rise to … 
homicide liability. This is not an easy question. Further, whereas the evidence is clear that Trump has committed multiple criminal offenses both before his tenure as president (campaign finance crimes) & during his time as president (obstruction of justice, bribery/extortion)… 
homicide liability by his negligent/grossly negligent (and/or possibly intentional) mishandling of the Coronavirus crisis in the US is a more nuanced and thorny issue and deserves careful consideration. But the homicide liability issue MUST be addressed because … 
ALL criminal charges will have to be investigated and, if the evidence dictates it, prosecuted come Jan. 2021. Stay tuned … #TrumpCrimesCommission #TCC #JusticeIsComing 

This is one of two things…or maybe both things combined. Kirshner is a buffoon. Or Kirshner is just winding up his #Resistance fans, sending them off in search of some soothing lotion for their hourly forearm exercise, while angling for more appearances on MSNBC and NBC and maybe Sunday shows to talk about his novel theory on how #OrangeManBad can be charged with murder.

Utter bullsh** like this is what gives the legal profession a bad rap. There are actual federal laws and Supreme Court decisions that cover this issue. There is no mystery here. Donald Trump can no more be charged with murder than Eric Holder and Barack Obama can be charged with murder over Fast&Furious even though if Holder had not been the Attorney General and organized such an operation… and I mean even if he’d been a state attorney general…he would have been indicted for numerous crimes up to and possibly including homicide.

These people are jokes. But they aren’t harmless jokes. They are vicious, conscienceless and evil jokes who will not think twice about killing you or your family if it serves to make a political point. At a minimum, President Trump should direct Attorney General Barr to go through every case brought by Kirschner with a fine-toothed comb because with this attitude you know his douchebag railroaded a lot of innocent men and women. He should direct the FBI to investigate any questionable cases and, if warranted, he should ensure that this Jack McCoy wannabe gets a taste of what “novel ways” of interpreting the law feels like on the receiving end.



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