After Joe Biden Threatens to Slap Detroit Auto Worker and the Media Tells Us This Makes Biden Look 'Terrific'

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at the SEIU Unions For All Summit on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)


Earlier today, Joe Biden, aka #QuidProJoe or #JoeDemento, was touring an auto plant in Detroit. As my colleagueBonchie reported, things went south in a big way when an auto worker confronted Biden about his pledge to outlaw semi-automatic rifles, particularly those of the AR-14 variety.


This is simply unhinged behavior that indicates the stress of the campaign is accelerating the pace of Biden’s dementia onset. A few months ago, the tame, compliant Democrat media would have tut-tutted over it but now that Joe Biden is the presumptive Democrat nominee, it is all hands on deck to defend the indefensible. One of the first out of the box was The Atlantic’s David Frum. I’d just like to note that Frum was a speaker at the goat-rope-and-county-fair mash up that was the Summit on Principled Conservatism.


Not to miss a beat, the New York Times’s Jonathan Martin joins in following the same script

The unnamed Republican campaign vet/strategist is the journalistic equivalent of the ‘woke eight-year-old.’  It is a bullsh** designation used to try to launch a narrative. What Martin is really saying is ‘the professionals think what Biden did was great and wondrous but the rube voters don’t understand.’

There is virtually no one out there who hasn’t experienced this type of behavior from someone in a position of power. And you know what, no one thinks it is terrific. No one loves it. No one thinks it makes Biden look like anything but the worst sort of ass. Shouting down citizens who apparently know your record and rhetoric better than you, yourself, is not a good look.


If you want proof, here’s a simple test. If anyone thought this made Biden look like anything but a ill-tempered, doddering old fool, this video would be playing on every television station and cable news outlet non-stop both today and for the next week to help him in two critical rounds of primaries. But that will not happen. Other than FoxNews, you won’t see this video ever again.





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