Chuck Schumer Incites Mob Violence Against Two Supreme Court Justices and the Media Are Nowhere to Be Found

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FILE – In this Dec. 11, 2018, file photo, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. The White House on Sunday, Dec. 16, pushed the federal government closer to the brink of a partial shutdown later this week, digging in on its demand for $5 billion to build a border wall as congressional Democrats stood firm against it. Democratic congressional leaders, Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, have proposed no more than $1.6 billion, as outlined in a bipartisan Senate bill. The money would not go for the wall but for fencing upgrades and other border security. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)


A little earlier today the US Supreme Court heard arguments in what could be a watershed abortion case. The case is called June Medical Services v. Russo, and it tests the ability of states to regulate abortion as it regulates other outpatient procedures. What makes it particularly interesting is that it could effective destroy the abortion industry in any state that so desires without ever confronting Roe vs. Wade head on.

In a rally held outside the Supreme Court supporting the alleged right of women to pay to have their offspring slaughtered, one of the featured speakers was none other than Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. This is part of his speech.

Funny. We’ve been told over and over how President Trump’s tweets expressing displeasure over the actions of members of a separate branch of government over which the President holds zero formal or informal authority were a dire threat to the rule of law. Something called the Brennan Center for Justice has devoted a web page to President Trump’s misdeeds.

Donald Trump has displayed a troubling pattern of attacking judges and the courts for rulings he disagrees with — a pattern that began during his presidential campaign (and even before), and has continued into his presidency.

This threatens our entire system of government. The courts are bulwarks of our Constitution and laws, and they depend on the public to respect their judgments and on officials to obey and enforce their decisions. Fear of personal attacks, public backlash, or enforcement failures should not color judicial decision-making, and public officials have a responsibility to respect courts and judicial decisions. Separation of powers is not a threat to democracy; it is the essence of democracy.


And yet when a US Senator winds up violence prone leftists to give two Supreme Court Justices the Steve Scalise treatment…and that is exactly what Schumer did…none of the brave firefighters in the media seem to care.

That’s because they don’t care if people are harmed or intimidated so long as the targets hold different views. And here their real game is revealed. The media and progressive crapholes like the Brennan Center know that Trump’s tweets have zero effect beyond entertainment. No reporter has been killed or injured at a Trump rally. People on the right don’t assault folks wearing Sanders or Biden campaign items. That is the province of the left. What they are are trying to do in criticizing Trump’s tweets is to make him stop ridiculing progressive stormtroopers in the judiciary. When actual threats are made. Serious threats. They are nowhere to be found.



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