Sanders Campaign Tries to Deflect Attention From Sanders's Heart Attack by Claiming Bloomberg Has Also Had One

Bernie Sanders by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Contrary to the best laid plans that offered Democrat voters the Tweedle-Dee-Tweedle-Dum choices of a ‘moderate’ (Joe Biden) or a ‘progressive’ (Elizabeth Warren), the only candidate that seems to be capable of generating enthusiasm is septuagenarian communist Bernie Sanders. While Sanders looks poised to actually be a major force in the primary, if not winning the delegate race outright then by forcing the Democrats into a very ugly contested convention, the Democrat establishment is throwing the kitchen sink at Bernie Sanders. Having failed on the electability front, they are now going after him on his health.


Of course, there are Russians involved,

ooops…the video must be doctored

This is an issue of sorts. Sanders has had a heart attack. Sanders is 78-years-old. Sanders has promised at points in the past to a) deliver up his own medical records and b) attacked other candidates for not doing so.


The Sanders campaign is pushing back both refusing outright to provide more records and equating the demands for medical records to birtherism.

One of the most interesting tacks they’ve taken is to actually lie about the issue. In this clip, the Sanders spokesperson, Briaha Joy Gray, claims Bloomberg, himself, has had “heart attacks.” Not singular. Plural.

You really have to have sneaking admiration for the way this young trainee Bolshevik is able to slip a major lie into the interview without even a change of facial expression.

BUT. BUT. Bloomberg has not released his medical records. We know that he suffers from cardiac issues because he’s had stents inserted and he’s on a blood thinner because of atrial fibrillation. I am not a doctor, but it seems to me very likely that Sanders and Bloomberg probably have very similar heart conditions, the difference being is that Sanders simply drove on until he had a heart attack and Bloomberg probably obsesses about his health, his haircuts, and his body wash. Unlike Sanders, we will likely never have the ability to assess Bloomberg’s health because he has the ability to undergo treatment and pay to have the records of the treatment go away.


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