The Dam Begins to Break as Politico Reveals Corrupt Land and Lobbying Deal Involving QuidProJoe and His Family

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FILE – In this Jan. 30, 2010, file photo, Vice President Joe Biden, left, with his son Hunter, right, at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington. Hunter Biden is expressing regret for being discharged from the Navy Reserve amid published reports that he tested positive for cocaine. The Wall Street Journal reports that Hunter Biden failed the drug test last year and was discharged in February. In a statement issued Thursday, Oct. 16, Biden doesn’t say why he was discharged. He says he’s embarrassed that his actions led to his discharge and that he respects the Navy’s decision. The vice president’s office declined to comment.(AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)


When the story of this whole impeachment drama is written, it may very well turn out that the only person destroyed by it was Joe Biden. In her presentation yesterday, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi demonstrated why Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden, are critical to understanding President Trump expressing a desire that corruption be investigated.

A Great Triggering Occurs After Pam Bondi Lays Out Biden Corruption During the Impeachment Trial
Bondi Makes Case Why Hunter Biden is Relevant to Trump’s Impeachment Defense

This theme was picked up by Ted Cruz in an epic confrontation with reporters yesterday in which he restated the case and challenged them on their refusal to cover the QuidProJoe’s influence peddling.

Like it or not, this is going to have an effect.

Scandals involving Democrats, particularly long running, multi-generational scams like the one Biden has used to enrich family members break slowly. The press doesn’t really want to cover them because they are sympathetic to the individual’s politics and are wary of giving the GOP a campaign issue. If they dig too deeply, then their access to cherished insider scoops goes away. Be serious here. Ted Stevens was hounded from the Senate over getting some cut-rate home remodeling (at worst) and, posthumously was exonerated. But publicizing Republican corruption was a key supporting role the media played in the 2008 campaign. Can you imagine a GOP Senator surviving allegations of underage Dominican hookers as did New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez? Do you want to hazard a guess as to the amount of resources the New York Times put into investigating the story before declaring the women who made the allegations to basically be liars?


With Biden, however, the corner may be turning. Via Politico Lobbyist bought tropical land from Biden’s brother.

In 2005, Joe Biden’s brother bought an acre of land with excellent ocean views on a remote island in the Caribbean for $150,000. He divided it into three parcels, and the next year a lobbyist close to the Delaware senator bought one of the parcels for what had been the cost of the entire property. Later, the lobbyist gave Biden’s brother a mortgage loan on the remaining parcels.

The Virgin Islands land deal, reported here for the first time, furthers a pattern in which members of the Biden family have engaged in financial dealings with people with an interest in influencing the former vice president.

The lobbyist was a former Biden staffer who left the Senate to become a lobbyist on issues overseen by Biden’s committee.

The property itself has remained vacant and undeveloped. It is not clear why the lobbyist, Scott Green, purchased the parcel from Biden’s brother James, or why James Biden later went to the lobbyist for a loan, rather than to a bank. An easement James Biden obtained granting road access to the land before selling it to Green may have made the land more valuable, but it is unclear whether the dramatically higher price Green paid for his parcel reflected its true value. The terms of the loan were not disclosed in property records.

It is also not clear whether Joe Biden was aware of the transactions. Following the land purchase, Green continued to lobby on issues over which Biden wielded influence and to meet with Biden’s staff. Green’s firm also continued to land government contracts related to federal programs for which Biden advocated.


Let’s put this in simple terms. James Biden, Joe’s brother, buys one of land in the US Virgin Islands. He subdivides it into three parcels. A former Biden staffer, turned lobbyist, who continued to lobby Biden’s staff on issues he had worked on as an employee, buys one of the parcels for the the price James Biden had paid for all three. Then James Biden takes out a mortgage on the properties from the lobbyist. Politico feigns an inability to explain why James went to the lobbyist for a mortgage rather than a bank. I don’t think this is much of a mystery. Biden would not have to repay the loan to the lobbyist making it a gift.

According to the article, there is some shadiness involved in the subdivision of the parcel, the valuation of the subsequent parcels, and an apparent QuidProJoe action supporting a bill pushed by the lobbyist’s client.

All of this is just part of how the Biden Crime Family operates. James Biden, who had zero experience in building housing developments overseas, became a partner in a construction firm that mysteriously landed a $1.5 billion contract to build housing in Iraq.

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And then there is Hunter Biden and his $1+ billion deal with the Chinese government made while on a trip to China with his father made aboard Air Force Two. And Hunter Biden and his $83,000/month Ukrainian gig. And Hunter Biden, who can’t pay child support, ending up ensconced a $12,000/month Hollywood mansion and driving a Porsche Panamera (MSRP: $109,000).


How did the Biden campaign respond?

Representatives of the Biden campaign declined repeated requests over weeks to comment. Shortly before publication, spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement: “Joe Biden was wrong. Politico does have a sense of humor. Because this story is an absolute joke.”

I don’t, as my people say, think that dog is going to hunt.

What the media does not want to happen is to tie their reputation (I know, I threw up a little in my mouth writing that) to saying there is no corruption when they know that if Biden gets the nomination that QuidProJoe will be just as big a target as was “Crooked Hillary.” So some of them are going to start digging. And when an outlet like Politico gets involved, you know the New York Times and Washington Post and Wall Street Journal are not far behind…if they are not already far ahead.


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