Joe Biden Lies About His Role In the Bin Laden Killing Because That's How He Rolls

Joe Biden was on the campaign trail in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, today and the while the air may have been crystal clear and smelling of whatever things smell of in Iowa in the winter, the odor of burning jihadi clung to the questions.


Yesterday, President Trump gave the order to kill Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani was commander of the so-called Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and since 1998 has been involved in killing and maiming Americans to further the creation of the ‘Shia Crescent’ and to extend the power and influence of the Iranian mullahs far beyond what one would have thought possible. He was directly responsible for the deaths of over 600 US soldiers in Iraq via the operations of the IED network he masterminded and supplied. This is not to say the body count indicated any particular animosity towards Americans. He happily slaughtered Iraqis, Saudis, Syrians, Iranians, etc., etc. as well as Americans.

FoxNews’s Peter Doocy caught up with Biden to ask him how he would have handled the situation given similar facts because Biden’s statement after the strike seemed like a slam against President Trump rather than even a begrudging “well done.”


This is how the interview went.

Doocey asks Biden if he would do the same. Biden gets all chest-puffy and says “we did, his name was Osama bin Laden.” If Doocey had been anyone from CNN or MSNBC that would have been the end of it but Doocey has a follow up: “Didn’t you tell Obama not to take out bin Laden?” Biden says, “No, I didn’t. I didn’t.”

The problem with that is that this is a lie. And worse that a lie, it is clumsy, shabby lie that can be easily disproven and it so transparent it is an insult to everyone hearing it. This is Zach Parkinson, deputy research director for the Trump campaign:


The fact is that Joe Biden, despite his “Corn Pop” story, is a gutless bag of pus. He has never had anything remotely resembling physical or moral courage. He turns a blind eye to, if not actually aids and abets, his son and brother grifting off his position of trust. He is a man so shallow and so hollow and leading such a fraudulent life that he doesn’t even have his own childhood memories. He has to steal them from other politicians. When he had a chance to weigh in on the biggest no-brainer of a military decision of the past 50 years–if Obama had passed on the chance to kill bin Laden the word of that decision would have leaked out and it would have been hard for even the Washington Post and New York Times to carry that much water–he basically voted “present.”


No, if Joe Biden had been given the chance to kill Soleimani, he would have dithered and squirmed and refused to act. And now that he is not confronted with that dilemma, he shamelessly lies about the advice he gave.


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