I'm Not Saying Joe Biden Is a Crook but Joe Biden Certainly Looks Very Crooked

FILE - In this Jan. 30, 2010, file photo, Vice President Joe Biden, left, with his son Hunter, right, at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)

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A lot of attention has been focused on the saga of Hunter Biden. Other than occasionally surfacing the public consciousness for some brazen act of disregard for public mores (getting commissioned in the Navy Reserve by using your father’s influence, getting booted from the Navy for cocaine use, spending the family money on hookers and blow, dumping your family, boffing your dead brother’s widow, dumping your dead brother’s widow, impregnating a stripper, having strippers use dildos on you, marrying a woman after only knowing her for a week), Hunter has led a life out of the public view.


He’s lately been thrust to center-stage thanks to the impeachment procedure underway against President Trump. In March 2014, Joe Biden was designated Barack Obama’s “point person” on Ukraine policy. Somehow this official role for Joe Biden resulted in Hunter Biden getting a gig on the board of directors of Burisma, the largest private national gas producer in Ukraine, on May 13, 2014. For a guy who had no experience in the gas business, who could speak neither Russian nor Ukrainian, who had no experience acting as either corporate counsel or overseeing ‘corporate governance’ as his board position required, this $83,000/month, cash-only job was a very fortuitous occurrence. The desire of Ukraine to investigate what looked like corruption led to this memorable incident:

Hunter Biden is sort of experienced in these kinds of jobs falling in his lap. He was appointed to a seat on Amtrak’s board of directors despite having zero experience in the industry. In his incarnation as a partner in ‘BHR Partners,’ a company focused on investing in China, he traveled to Beijing on Air Force Two and left with a deal worth $1.5 billion.


Hunter, or ‘my only living son’ as Biden called him on the campaign trail a couple of weeks ago, is a guy who, had his father not been a prominent Democrat politician, would have done prison time by now. But he is, so he hasn’t and he probably never will.

But Hunter is only part of a pattern.

In 2009, Joe Biden was appointed Barack Obama’s ‘point person’ on Iraq policy. While Biden did fail to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement that would have allowed US forces to lock in the hard-won gains of The Surge and was on the scene and running US policy in Iraq as ISIS formed and metastasized and as Iraq gradually became an Iranian satrapy, it was not a total loss. In November 2010, Joe Biden’s brother, James, was appointed to the board of directors of HillStone International, a subsidiary of New Jersey-based construction firm Hill International. In June 2011, HillStone landed a $1.5 billion contract to build houses in Iraq. HillStone had near zero experience in residential construction. It has even less in an environment like Iraq. The whole project collapsed and James Biden walked away with what was reported to be ‘a good share’ of that money.

Note the similarities. Biden is appointed to lead US diplomatic efforts in a country. Suddenly, a Biden relative is the recipient of a large amount of cash from a local company to do a job for which he has absolutely no qualifications…other than being related to Joe Biden.


It is a safe bet that this is just the tip of the iceberg, on Joe Biden’s old Obama administration web page we find this:

The Vice President has been leading the administration’s effort to support a sovereign, democratic Ukraine, visiting the country three times in 2014. In the Middle East, the Vice President has been deeply involved in shaping U.S. policy toward Iraq, visiting the country several times. He has met with the leaders from around the Middle East and has championed Israel’s security. The Vice President has also played an active role in supporting the Administration’s rebalance to the Asia-Pacific. He has developed deep relationships with the region’s leaders, demonstrating U.S. commitment to high-level, face-to-face diplomacy. Vice President Biden is the Administration’s point person for diplomacy within the Western Hemisphere.

It is a safe bet that if the Biden Clan grifted off Joe Biden’s role in Ukraine and Iraq then the “Western Hemisphere” did not escape their gentle ministrations.

What emerges from this is a picture of a guy who clearly knows that his name is opening doors for his relatives to snarf up millions and millions of dollars. The only question is whether Joe Biden is standing idly by and allowing patently illegal activity to take place with his knowledge or whether he is complicit in helping to arrange the business deals.




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