All-Knowing Expert Tom Nichols Complains That a Good Guy With a Gun Wasn't Needed in the Texas Church Shooting

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Yesterday, a good guy with a gun saved a lot of lives.

A gunman who has since been identified a 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen entered West Freeway Church of Christ, a suburb of Fort Worth. He was wearing a fake beard and carried a concealed shotgun. While the service was in progress, he pulled the shotgun and opened fire killing a deacon, 64-year-old Anton Wallace, and a parishioner, 67-year-old Richard White. On the scene was 71-year-old Jack Wilson, a firearms instructor and retired reserve sheriff’s deputy. He killed Kinnunen with a single shot. (See Alex Parker’s post on the incident.)

This was possible because not long ago Texas passed into law a bill that allows firearms to be carried in churches. If you’ve followed the anti-gun wackos long enough, you know that they were incensed by the idea that free men and women should have the ability to defend themselves. You didn’t have to be a genius to see what was going to happen next. The anti-gun nuts came out of the woodwork. At first some of them were insisting that some of the people had probably been killed by worshipers spraying bullets everywhere. Then they claimed that Wilson was part of the church’s “security force.” As far as I can tell, that “security force” is pretty much armed members of the church and not the highly trained rent-a-cops that the anti-gun nuts want you to believe.

As serious as the incident was, it was not without levity.

Enter Internet Expert Tom Nichols. No one is quite sure what Nichols is an expert in other than being an expert. He did write a book decrying the fact than no one believes experts, perhaps stuff like this and virtually every expert prediction since Thomas Robert Malthus confidently demonstrated that the human race was doomed because math.

The hilarity started when Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy decided to recycle some of Nichols’s old tweets tweeting expert expertise and an op-ed likewise chock full of expert advice about how carrying guns in churches won’t work.

To say Nichols’s head would have challenged the ability of the best duct tape to keep it from exploding is an understatement. It popped like an overripe zit.

Nichols’s arguments about insurance and guns in churches are just that kind of uneducated nonsense that Nichols has been generating for years. Of course you buy insurance against high cost, low probability events. That’s what insurance is for. That’s the reason you can buy major-medical insurance (or at least to be able to) and it takes the force of the federal government to let you get insurance for a pre-existing condition. If you own a gun, Nichols’s entire argument breaks down. Because you have a choice, in Texas, of either bringing it to church or not. If you don’t, you’re essentially engaging is a bet that nothing bad will happen. It is basically like choosing not to wear a seatbelt. The odds of you needing it are damned small, but you have it so why tempt the Fates?

The dragging Nichols took did nothing to improve his temper and soon he was hiding behind his expertise of being an expert. That didn’t go well.

The incident in Texas ended with the loss of three lives ONLY because Texas allows concealed carry in churches. Period. Otherwise the shooter would have had a field day racking up a body count if that was his intent. It ended as it did because the ‘good guy with a gun’ had the training, reflexes, and presence of mind to make it work. We don’t know how it would have played out if Wilson had not been there but we can surmise that the five people who pull pieces in the video of the shooting would have soon given the shooter something to be concerned about.

To claim that this does not make a case for how concealed carry can reduce the impact of random shootings and to try to argue that a church full of unarmed worshipers would have fared better because of expert expertise experting is demeaning to anyone reading the argument and it should be demeaning to the idiot making it…well it was demeaning to him, he just doesn’t have the expertise to realize it.

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