Vichy Republicans Struggle to Achieve Respect and Relevance by Pretending to Participate in Legal Assault on President Trump

Currently President Trump is embroiled in number of court fights that go to the core of the essence of the Executive Office of the President. Three of these decisions which would make the president subject to subpoenas for financial document and tax returns from Congress and even from State investigators. You don’t have to be a believer in an imperial presidency to see what mischief it will cause in the long run and how the Democrats will rue the day when the Texas Attorney General is vacuuming up the tax returns and financial records of a Democrat president using them for political ends. The case is serious enough that the US Supreme Court has agreed to take on three such cases and has put on hold the lower court legal decisions associated with them. In fact, the Supreme Court’s decision to take the case, in my opinion, guts the entire second article in the House’s sham Articles of Impeachment. If President Trump had a serious enough case to convince the Supreme Court to look at it, then he had good faith reason for believing he was not “obstructing Congress.”


Now another of these nuisance cases is bubbling up. A federal district judge, Obama appointee Ketanji Brown Jackson, has ruled that President Trump’s former White House Counsel Don McGahn must obey a subpoena issued by Fat Jerry Nadler. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing the case. And, naturally, the Vichy Republican have taken this opportunity to enter into the fray. Not because a White House Counsel should be forced to answer questions about his work with the President, but because #OrangeManBad.

Twenty former Republican lawmakers, officials and legal experts are urging a federal appeals court to reject President Donald Trump’s claim that his former White House counsel, Don McGahn, can ignore a House subpoena.

Signed on to the brief are several prominent former lawmakers, including former Sen. Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.), and ex-Reps. Mickey Edwards (R-Okla.) and Jim Leach (R-Iowa). Former Justice Department official Stuart Gerson and prominent conservative lawyer George Conway are also among those asking the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to endorse Congress’s right to question senior executive branch officials about potential misconduct.

“Placing the president and his aides above the law would be truly un-American. Early U.S. Congresses and courts subpoenaed presidents, and the presidents complied with those subpoenas. That should remain the case today,” said another signer, former Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.).


The irony is, that no one knows, cares, or is influenced by what these assclowns have to say…and if you think George Conway is anything other that scum on the political pond, I’ve got a couple of nice bridges to sell you. The odds of this brief being read or taken seriously by anyone approaches zero because it, like the authors, is simply a fraud looking for headlines.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court will hear this case, too.

One thing I will forever be grateful to President Trump for is making the GOP establishment and the assorted fluffers and butt remoras who made their grift by doing the estabishment’s bidding show their true colors.

We’ve seen it on abortion, religious freedom, immigration, the Second Amendment, and all manner of other issues where the Establishment and their catchfarts have had to break cover and reveal their true sensibilities. Now we know why George Bush was able to spend eight years in office, six of that with a GOP House and Senate, and leave conservatism in much worse shape than it was under Bill Clinton. And now that we know who these collaborators, these quislings are, we need to make sure that they are unemployable by any future Republican administration. We need to make sure their kids are unemployable in GOP politics. We need a figurative bill of attainder against these people not only to punish them for their dishonesty and duplicity but to warn others that we are not to be fuc…ah…trifled with.




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