Greta Thunberg's Photo Op on a 'Crowded' Train Caps a Week of Public Relations Blunders

Image via Greta Thunberg Twitter account


This has not been a great few days for the enfant terrible of the Back-to-the-Stone-Age movement,  Swedish high-schooler and annoying scold Greta Thunberg.


It started out with her getting advice from President Trump on managing her anger issues. It moved from there to her statement that the enviro-nazi movement would put national leaders “against the wall” unless they caved — given her fascistic tendencies, more than a few people thought she was threatening to shoot them. She apologized. Then, for reasons I can’t explain, she decided to declare war on Deutsche Bahn, the German railroad system.

Over the weekend, our rabble-rousing waif sent a plaintive message about how uncomfortable life on the grift was.

This is how Mike Bloomberg’s mouthpiece, Bloomberg news describes it:

Thunberg doesn’t fly on planes because it’s considered harmful to the climate. Last week, she was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for her efforts to prod government and others to take faster actions in fighting climate change.


No, she doesn’t. But that boat crew she used for her journey to the US? The captain and two of the crew flew portions of the round trip photo-op.

There is substantial evidence that Thunberg sitting on the floor is just as much bullsh** as anything else she says. According to Deutsche Bahn, she was actually in First Class and while the German railroad company stops short of saying she exaggerated, it appears that any overcrowding was caused by a mechanical issue on a train rather than sky-high demand. As she was traveling with her handlers, it doesn’t take much imagination to see what happened. She ended up on an overcrowded train (she’d have you believe that even the people with her in First Class were inconvenienced) and someone decided to use the opportunity for a photo. Also, color me skeptical about First Class passengers schlepping their luggage around with them. Perhaps it happens, but…




The people managing this kid really need to have their heads examined before having their butts kicked. They are teaching a teenager that lying, exaggerating, and shading the truth to further her goals is a good thing. It doesn’t matter whether it is her boat rides to the US actually causing more pollution than if she’d just taken a plane or this stunt to dramatize the popularity of rail travel. In a year or two, no one is going to know who Greta Thunberg is but she will have learned lessons that will color the rest of her life.


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